The Intellect and The Casual

Before Alex could start school, his life had changed a lot. When he accepted to become a rider, he met 2 new people in the organization. They were Amanda Scotts and Isabella Millar but their only similarity was that they were riders and that was all.
Amanda is an intelligent girl. She always does her studies, tries to improve her riding skills whenever she finishes early, and has enough time to do whatever she pleases. She never did anything inspiring, she just read her favorite books which were mainly about science and technology.
When Amanda first met Alex, she looked a little shocked from his appearance. She was a big fan of Alex ever since she read the newspaper. The belief of a boy, under age, making a huge piece of machinery as the androids was an unexpected surprise. It was the first time she had liked the news in her entire life. But she wasn’t the only one that was shocked by his appearance.
Isabella is a girl of different needs. She likes being the center of attention, but most of all, she likes being the most popular girl in school. Her likes and dislikes were completely the opposite of Amanda’s. She really likes hanging out with any hot guy in the school and fooling around with them. School was only to meet attractive boys to go out with her, not to pay attention in class.
At the moment she heard that she was going to meet the inventor of the androids she thought that the boy would not be something interesting to see but she was forced to go. When she laid eyes on the boy, she was standing on the spot as if she were frozen. Isabella never expected someone so smart to be as handsome as Alex was. It was the first time she had ever felt this way for a guy before, the sensation of true love.
“I hope all three of you would get along well because I have decided to make you partners and schoolmates. Amanda and Isabella are going to move to Alex’s school,” said Daja when they were introduced to each other.
“I’m fine with everything that Mr. Daja says,” agreed Isabella. She thought that it would be a good chance to get Alex’s attention so he could go out with her.
As for Amanda, she just stayed silent. She couldn’t believe Isabella’s behavior. She wanted to know how Isabella was chosen to be a rider when she has no interest in anything other than boys.
“Well then, next thing tomorrow you will also be searching for information inside the school. Maybe other children have seen something that will help us get prepared for any incoming events.” Daja left them later to have the rest of the day off so they could get use to each other’s presence and Alex could teach the others a thing or two on how to ride the androids. But on the next day, they would have a practical lesson on how to control the machines because saying it and doing it are two different things.


While Alex was trying to explain everything to both of the girls, they had all agreed to go to a cafeteria. Isabella was getting restless with the topic that she went to the bathroom so she could freshen up. She couldn’t believe how the other two got along so well.
Suddenly, one of her friends came in. “Hey girl, what are you doing here?”
“Well, my mother has forced me to do something so boring, but I found someone interesting in the end that has changed my mind,” said Isabella trying to make her friend jealous.
“A someone huh? That’s weird; you usually can’t find someone interesting in a boring place.”
“Well it happened to me. The only problem is that I am here with him and this other girl. They are talking about something and it has bored me out. I just want to get the guys attention but he is not giving it to me.”
“And you’re leaving to other girl to get her hands on him? That’s not a wise thing to do, just flirt with him but if he doesn’t bite, act like you’re interested in the topic or maybe ask a lot of questions. That’s what I did with my man.”
“Fine, I’ll give it a try.”


When Isabella had left the table, Alex had decided to tell Amanda something about his school which would mostly come out of her mouth. “Hey Amanda, I just wanted to know, are you and Isabella any close relatives or maybe even friends by any chance?”
“Why? Do you want to ask her out?”
Alex choked on his drink when he heard Amanda asking that foolish question. “No, I’m just curious because you two don’t have anything in common.”
“Well I think that is a good clue that we are not friends. As for relatives, I say that I am a very lucky girl that we are not.”
“Can you keep a secret and when I say a secret I mean a secret from the whole entire school?”
“Sure, but what is the big deal?”
“Let’s just say that nobody knows that I am the guy on the newspaper.”
“Are you serious?” Oh my god, you better make sure you don’t mention that to Isabella.”
“Why’s that?”
“Haven’t you seen the way she acts around you? She has a thing for you and she is capable to do anything to get what she wants. She might threaten you so you can go out with her.”
“Ok then. Thanks for the warning.”
At that exact moment, Isabella had returned and Alex continued his talk about the androids. This time though, it was different. Isabella was actually concentrating on what Alex had to say, but even though that occurred, it didn’t change Alex’s opinion about her. Now he understood what Amanda was talking about when she said that Isabella would to anything to get what she wants.
The only good thing that he got from joining the organization again was that he gained a new and trustworthy friend who had some interests on his work but most of all, a person who was really interested on what he was saying, unlike others.
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