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The Dearly Departed

  1. The Longing for Blood
    A female vampire stumbles across a handsome young man, falls in love with him and asks him to roam the endless nights with her.
  2. The 'Blood Ball'
    Chezerae and Demetreus feast their eyes and pinned-up energy in a fun filled world that makes the night an even better place to be.
  3. Demetreus' Secret Love
    Chezerae finds out a deep secret from Demetreus after they return to Maine from the 'Blood Ball'.
  4. The Evening After
    This chapter is about the evening after the 'Blood Ball' and after Demetreus has had his first taste of human blood.
  5. Transylvania
  6. Fresh Blood
  7. The Beginning of the End
    Demetreus and Chezerae meet for the last time
  8. The Final Encounter
    Chezerae continues to fight to destroy Demetreus.