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The Dearly Departed

The Final Encounter

I felt a cold hand grab my arm and throw me down on the hard, blood stained, wood floor. I didn't know who had grabbed me all I knew is that their nails were ferocious and were digging into my arm as it was twisted behind me. I felt my shoulder crack, a hard kick to my side and then I felt the soft drywall crumble under the weight of the impact. When my should had reset itself I looked up to see who my attacker was and it wasn't just one, but three baby vampires. I scanned the area for Demetreus and he was sitting on stair well, enjoying the show.

I had to come up with a form of attack or I would be the baby vamps dinner. I looked around for anything to aide me but found nothing. This house was gutted and turned into a place of horrific slaughter and death. When my eyes came back to my attackers they were charging me again, when they had gotten close enough I jumped straight up and clung to the ceiling for dear life, or lack there of. The one that was last on the attack; a boy, no more than twelve years old; I grabbed. I grabbed his collar and sunk my fangs deep into his throat, while at the same time pulling on his head. When I heard the rip of his flesh and heard the fountain of blood on the floor, I knew that the other two were not going to take to this lightly.

I watched as the other two came at me again. This time I reached my hand out in one direction and got a direct hit. The one females face was split in half from my nails. Her skin was peeled back and her bone was split. You could see inside her throat as she was breathing and crying out in great pain. I wasn't worried about here because she could not see. With my other hand i grabbed the one remaining baby vamp by the hair and twisted his head until his neck was like a piece of rubber.

I then turned my head and saw Demetreus, sitting with wide eyes. I knew he was afraid but I needed to destroy him. He stood up and jumped over the railing of the stairs, driving his feet right into my face. Once on the ground he got on top of me and started clawing at my face. I knew I would be finished if I didn't do something fast. I did the only thing I could think of, I thrusted my knee into the small of his back and the force was so great that it sent him tumbling right over and behind me. When I got up, my face had already healed. I knew he would be coming back for more soon. I turned around and saw him standing, glaring at me. I felt the thunder of his footsteps as he came at me. I grabbed his hair as we slid across the floor into the wall and I yanked his head back as far as would go and then, within an instant, his head snapped off like breaking a carrot in half. His neck was squirting blood and his muscles had been pulled out slightly.

As I looked at the damage, I felt disgusted with myself that I had let things get this far but I knew I had done the right thing. Demetreus was a danger to our community, my community, and if something had happened, I would've been at fault.