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Love is a Two Way Street

Jade is trying to make the best of things with her new boyfriend of six months--Gage. Edwin is long gone, though she has seen him around. She avoids alleyways, taking his advice in not becoming one of his victims. She still loves him, but she knows that it isn't meant to be. A human and vampire can't have a romance.

She knows she will not become a vampire. She wouldn't want that ever.

Edwin knows he can't get her out of her head. He can't just leave her.

If you love someone, let her go. If she comes back, she's yours. If she doesn't, you make her come back--kicking and screaming all the way home!
  1. One Year, Six Months
    "I will not forget how this felt one year six months ago. I know I will not forget. I will not forget..."
  2. Miles Apart
    "I'll keep you deep inside. You're always in my heart..."
  3. Mutt
    "She's open waiting for more. And I know he's only looking to score..."
  4. God Must Hate Me
    "God must hate me cursed me for eternity. God must hate me maybe you should pray for me..."
  5. Saying Sorry
    "Spare me just three last words. 'I love you' is all she heard..."
  6. Stupid MF
    "Should I talk slower like you're a retard? Should I talk slower like you're retarded?..."
  7. Attention
    "Did I mention when I see you it stings like hell to the fact that we could have something? That'll never happen..."
  8. Note to Self
    "Which part of me is lost? I feel so close, and yet I am so far..."
  9. I'm Sorry
    "I'm sorry about all the things I said to you. And I know I can't take it back..."
  10. The Young & the Hopeless
    "Cause I'm young and I'm hopeless. I'm lost and I know this..."
  11. The River
    "I've seen enough now to know that beautiful things don't always stay that way..."
  12. Sonny
    "A crowd of people around you telling you it's okay, and everything happens for a reason..."
  13. Stop and Stare
    "You start to wonder why you're here not there. And you'd give anything to get what's fair..."
  14. Grand Theft Autumn
    "Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman..."
  15. Nobody's Home
    "She wants to go home, but nobody's home. It's where she lies, broken inside..."
  16. If I Never See Your Face Again
    "Now you've gone somewhere else far away. I don't know if I will find you..."
  17. She's Gonna Break Soon
    "So many problems in her life. It just comes as no surprise that she's gonna break soon..."
  18. Vampires Will Never Hurt You
    "And if they get me and the sun goes down into the clouds. And if they get me take this spike to my heart..."
  19. You Had me at Hello
    "I'm missing you so much, I'll see you die tonight just so I can get to you before the sun will rise..."
  20. Don't Tell me it's Over
    "I'm not used to this temptation. And when you come back running, there is no use for explanation..."
  21. Can't Go On
    "It'd be cool it we never met. If we never locked eyes, then I'd feel so happy by knowing you so sly..."
  22. All Black
    "I remember feeling so alive the night I looked into her eyes..."
  23. The Chronicles of Life and Death
    "These are the stories of our lives as fictional as they may seem..."
  24. We Believe
    "I'll be everything you need in every way..."
  25. I Don't Wanna be in Love
    "Back it up now, you got a reason to live. Say I don't wanna be in love, I don't wanna be in love..."
  26. Basket Case
    "Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once..."
  27. Dearly Beloved
    "Are we demented or am I disturbed? The space that's in between insane and insecure..."
  28. Rock and Roll Girlfriend
    "I got a kid in New York. I got a kid in the Bay..."
  29. Don't Cha
    "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?..."
  30. When I Come Around
    "Cause you know where I'll be found when I come around..."
  31. Dear Maria, Count me in
    "I wanna watch the way you take the stage by storm; the way you wrap those boys around your finger..."
  32. Teenage Love Affair
    "Better pump the brakes. Baby, slow down. I gotta go home now..."
  33. Bottle it up
    "There'll be girls across the nation that will eat this up, babe..."
  34. Blue Burns Orange
    "And I've been waiting for so long to hold you in my arms. Embrace forever, my sweet girl..."
  35. One Step at a Time
    "There's no need to rush. It's like learning to fly, or falling in love..."
  36. Four Become One
    "The time has come now and we must figure out: driving north or going south. Growing up, but falling down ..."
  37. All Around Me
    "My hands are searching for you; my arms are outstretched towards you. I feel you on my fingertips; my tongue dances behind my lips for you..."
  38. Keep your Hands off my Girl
    "They say 'aha, aha, keep your hands off my girl. Keep your hands off my girl'..."
  39. Wrecked Him
    "Why do you say what you don't mean? To those people who don't care about one thing that you might need..."
  40. Fall for You
    "So breathe in so deep; breathe me in, I'm yours to keep. And hold on to your words 'cause talk is cheap..."
  41. So Sick
    "You sink into my clothes, and this invasion makes me feel hopeless, worthless, sick..."
  42. Pain
    "You know I'm always here for you. I know that you'll thank me later..."
  43. Hot n Cold
    "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes..."
  44. Untitled
    "Everybody's screaming. I try to make a sound but no one hears me..."
  45. Her only Medicine
    "She's hiding from herself again. Cutting deep into her pale skin is her only medicine..."
  46. My Own Worst Enemy
    "It's no suprise to me: I am my own worst enemy..."
  47. Closer
    "And I just can't pull myself away. Under a spell I can't break, I just can't stop..."
  48. Miss Independent
    "She got me thinkin' about gettin' involved. That's the kind of girl I need..."
  49. A Little Piece of Heaven
    "You had my heart, at least for the most part..."
  50. Lions Roar
    "And the desperate search began all across this sea and land..."
  51. Wrecked Him
    "Cause there's nothing left to bring to someone who just won't learn..."
  52. Anthem of our Dying Day
    "For a second I wish the tide would swallow every inch of this city as you gasp for air tonight..."
  53. Ocean Avenue
    "There's a piece of you that's here with me, It's everywhere I go, it's everything I see..."
  54. Get Out Alive
    "Don't put your life in someone's hands: they're bound to steal it away..."
  55. Here (in Your Arms)
    "I fell in love, in love, with you suddenly. Now there's no place else I could be, but here in your arms..."
  56. Slow Down
    "She said, 'Alright, alright, slow down!' Oh no, oh no, we won't..."
  57. It's All Over
    "And now you're dead inside. Still you wonder why..."
  58. Crazy
    "Tell me what's going on. If you open your eyes you'll see that something is wrong..."
  59. Friends and Alibis
    "So hold your head, hold it up high. Here's to the friends that were alibis..."
  60. Cellar Door
    "Now we are starting to love you more..."
  61. Times Like These
    "It's times like these you give and give again. It's times like these you learn to love again..."
  62. I am on Your Side
    "Secrets that we keep turn into accidents..."
  63. Let You Down
    "I will let you down, I’ll let you down. When you finally trust me; Finally believe in me..."
  64. The World is Black
    "And we can't go back, it won't be the same. Forever changed by the things we've seen..."
  65. One More Sad Song
    "Best friend, worst thing. She's been cheating. Friends deceives, she leaves..."
  66. Gone Forever
    "So I'll stay up all night with these bloodshot eyes while these walls surround me with the story of our life..."