Mother's Little Helper

Awake But Not Alive...

A small ray of light shone through the small window in Gerard's basement bedroom. That tiny little sliver of sunshine managed to beam directly into my eyes. How? Well, I'm not sure, but it probably has something to do with God hating me.

Groaning, I attempted to avoid the light by burning my face in the dark blue pillows, and stretching the comforter over my head.

In doing so, I had managed to whack the person who was sleeping soundly next to me, in the face.

"Goddammit, Rose!" Gerard was holding his nose. "This is why I hate sharing a bed with you!"

I mumbled a barley audible, "Sorry."

Another groan, and Gerard rolled over, looking at his alarm clock. The time read 1:23pm.

We slept in late.

"We should get up now." The tired boy ran a hand down his face while yawning.

"Noooo," I complained, still hiding under the covers. "Let's stay in bed all day instead." I grabbed Gerard's arm and held it like a child would a teddy bear.

"Roooose!" Gerard whined back.

Sighing, I sat up, still tired as hell.

Letting go of his arm, I let Gerard stand up. He stretched, then headed for the bathroom, after finding a clean outfit in his dresser. With a huge yawn, I fell back down on his amazingly comfy mattress and promptly fell asleep again.

"Son of a bitch." Someone was shaking me, "Rose, wake the fuck up already."

"Blah," Was my witty retort as I sat up, stretching my arms above my head.

"Good girl," Gerard rolled his eyes. "Come on, breakfast time."

Lazily, I followed him up the wooden steps, not bothering to change or get dressed like he did.

We walked into the living room. Mikey was watching TV. He greeted us when we stepped in, "Hey guys--" The younger boy's greeting was stopped short when he saw me. Or, more likely, the state my shirt was in.

I tend to move a lot in my sleep, and this night I had managed to shimmy my shirt up past my stomach, about mid-ribcage. Also, it was pulled down showing quite a bit of cleavage. The giant pajama pants I had been wearing already hung low on my hips. I was quite skinny, but had curves, and filled a nice 34C cup.

I'm sure the innocent freshmen hadn't seen that much of a grown woman yet.

Gerard followed his brother's wide eyes. Noticing the current position of my attire, he said, "Fix your shirt, slut."

"Fuck you, douche," I yawned back, pulling my shirt down.

The two of us continued into the kitchen and make what I liked to call lunchfast. Not brunch. Lunchfast.

Today, lunchfast was an apple for me and a cheese sandwich for Gerard.

Catching a glance at Mikey's still red face, I told Gerard, "Dude, I think I scared your brother."

Gerard scoffed, taking another bite of his sandwich. "I bet he has a boner right now. It's creepy how much he likes you."

I shrugged, "He's way to innocent though. I mean, it was just my stomach, right?"

"And your boobs."

Rolling my eyes, I continued, "Whatever. Either way, we should get him laid."

Gerard gave me an incredulous look, "I am not getting my brother laid."

"Fine, then I'll get him laid."

"I'd appreciate it if nobody got me laid," Mikey said from the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. Neither me nor Gerard had noticed him entering.

I grinned at the mousy boy, "Aw, why not Mikes?"

Mikey walked over to the fridge, grabbing a soda from it, "Cause I can get myself laid, if I want to."


Later that day, I returned home shortly to change clothes. Gerard and I decided that we would hit as many parties and clubs as possible before school began again, starting tonight.

Upon returning to my beat-up shit hole of a house, I noticed my mom passed out on the couch. Sometimes when I saw her like this I would check her pulse just in case. Luckily, this time her obnoxious snoring alerted me to knowing she was still alive.

Slipping into the bathroom, I took a quick shower.

I then changed into a low backed silky spaghetti strapped shirt, that had a silver swirl design down the side, a studded belt, and a frayed black denim miniskirt.

My black hair was teased at the top layers, and held with hairspray. I made a tiny braid starting at my temple and clinging to my head behind my ear, then allowing it to fall down my shoulders. I secured the braid with a small silver ribbon.

Proceeding to make up, I started with simple silver eyeshadow, then heavy black eyeliner and mascara, adding a slight bit of rouge to my cheeks.

I smiled at myself in the mirror, satisfied with my appearance.

To finish my outfit, I put on a pair of sheer black leggings, and lace up boots that reached my knees.

Just as I was tying my second boot, I heard a car honk outside. Looking out my window, I saw Gerard waving to me from the drivers side of his white van. I always called it his "Creeper Car."

I ran outside, and jumped into the passenger seat. To my suprise, Mikey was squished into the small seat between Gerard and I.

"Hey, Mikey," I smiled with a raised eyebrow. "What's he doing here?" I asked Gerard.

Gerard shrugged, "Hey, you were the one who said he needed to get laid. I thought if we get him out there, he might actually meet a girl who's willing to sleep with him."

I laughed, "Sweet."

"Besides," Gerard added, "This way we can get as trashed as we want and Mikey can drive us back."

"Grinning, I leaned back in the car seat, "Even better. Now let's get going, I've been sober way too long."
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Allow me to appologise for my utter neglect of this series TT.TT I am deeply sorry, and will attempt to update regularly from now on.
Anywho, I feel like Gerard and Rose have become Mikey's pimps.