Mother's Little Helper

A room Filled with Elegant Trash...

Gerard pulled the van up in front of a suburban household. It was obvious a party going on inside. As well as the outside, as told by the various drunk teenagers that were scattered about the lawn and "searching for their goddamn keys!"

Mikey looked a bit intimidated, but it didn't show much.

Gerard and I got out, immediately heading for the door.

We were greeted by a loud thumping bass of the music being emitted from within the house. As soon was we stepped in, we were in search of the booze.

When we finally found the three kegs and a fridge full of wine coolers that were supplying the party with nutrition, we stumbled upon our good friend Ray Toro shooting beer into a red plastic cup.

"Ray-Ray!" I called, excited to see him.

The tall boy looked over his shoulder to see who had called to him. Upon seeing it was me, he quickly returned, "Rosey!" And held his arms out for me to jump into.

I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck, giving him a quick squeeze and a peck on the cheek. "Holy shit, Ray. I haven't seen you all summer!"

"Sup, Ray," Gerard came up behind me and nodded to the taller boy before grabbing a cup and filling it.

"So how've you been?" I followed Gerard's example and pulled a wine cooler from the fridge. It was then I noticed Mikey standing quietly in the doorway of the small kitchen. "Here, Mikes," I handed him another bottle, "We'll start out slow. This stuff basically tastes like fruit punch." He took the bottle from my hand.

"I've been good," Ray answered my earlier question, leaning against the counter top and taking a sip of beer.

"You still with that band?" Gerard questioned, standing next to Ray.

The taller boy shook his head, his crazy, fluffy hair scattering wildly. "Nah, man. Front man ended up being a total bitch about everything."

I twisted one of the table chairs around so I was facing them, Mikey sat on the table next to me. "That sucks dude." I took a quick swing from the colorful bottle in my hand, when a sudden idea struck. "You know what you guys should do?" I wagged a finger between Gerard and Ray.

They both looked at me quizzically.

"You guys should start a band together. I mean, you're already friends, so no one would be all bitchy about how the other acted."

Gerard scoffed, "You forget on thing, Rose: I don't play an instrument."

"You play piano." I retorted.

Frowning a bit more, Gerard continued, "I can't make up shit though. I can play if you give me some sheet music, but I'm kinda uncreative when it comes to making my own songs."

"Then sing!"

"But I can't sing!" He argued back.

I huffed, "Yes you can! I've heard you, you have a great voice!" Then I added, "Plus, I bet you can write amazing lyrics!"

"Fine," My best friend crossed his arms challengingly, "We have a singer and a guitarist. Now we at least need a drummer and a bassist, at least."

I snapped my head to Mikey, who was looking at his wine cooler like it was soda instead of alcohol, "Mikey, you're a smart guy." He rose and eyebrow at me, "I bet you could learn bass easy. It'd be easier than finding someone else who already plays bass."

"Who would teach him?" Ray asked from behind his cup.

"You, of course," I said as if it was the most blatant thing ever.

"But..." He looked confused, "I don't play bass."

I shook my head, "Yeah, you play guitar, right?" He nodded, "Bass is just guitar for stupid people."

Gerard snorted a laugh, while the other two chuckled.

"Dudes, I'm being serious!" Another sip, "I bet you guys could make it big."

"Sure, whatever Rose," And we continued to drink in silence.

After a few minutes of silence the four of us began talking about uninteresting topics; school, summer, that chick Ray hooked up with last week, herpes, etc.

"Anyway," I stood when our conversation stopped once again. By now I was on my third bottle, Mikey just finished his first, "Mikey and I are going to go mingle a bit!"

I grabbed the younger boy's arm and led him into the main room of the house.

"This'll be fun, Mikey! Maybe we could find a hot guy who's here with his younger sister or something!" I was excited as my eyes scoured the room. "Then I can have the younger sister and you can have the sexy guy!"

Mikey looked at me horrified and slightly confused.

After noticing his look, I caught and corrected myself, "Wait! Switch it. YOU get the younger sister, and I get the sexy guy... There we go!"
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