Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare

00-An Introduction

-------Three years ago-------

"Mom! Why'd we have to move here?" I whined at my mom as we passed the "Welcome Hellville! Population 130" sign. Unfortunately, now it's 132.

You see, my parents just got a divorce and my mom got custody of me. I still can't get over it...and now I keep myself away from boys because I don't want to get hurt. So much for emotional growth...

Anyways. We moved to this middle of nowhere shit town so my mom and I could get away from the memories. That, and our house was put in escrow. Damn economy!

My mom had registered me in the high school (there's only one in the whole district). It did (and still does) look like a rundown piece of crap. I nicknamed it and the rest of this whole godforsaken town Hell on Earth. There's nothing to do here. I was about to go completely insane one day when my mom gave me a stack of twenties and told me to go crazy. Meaning, I went to the town's cafe/bookstore for a few hours and stocked up on reading material. I love books, they are my haven.

It was there I met my only friend in this dump Elliot. She keeps me sane. She's my sistah from another mistah.

I met her at the bookstore. She had (and still has) a job there. Which is awesome because sometimes she uses her employee discount on me. I feel so loved.

Little did i know that I would need her more than ever three years later, when HE came...