Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


The tour, after previous events, was quite uneventful. I tried to ignore Damien, he kept being a pompous ass.I sigh as I walk to my locker, my mind churning with thought. I need to tell someone. But he said he would kill them. He'd kill them anyway. But still, it's my nature to share my problems with a loved one. like the time i made out with that guy and he never called me. Stupid asshole...
Anyways,I felt distracted as I gotstuff frommy locker. At least I remembered my combination this time...
Someone slammed into the locker next to mine. I looked up quickly, it was Elliot.
"Hey Ells," I said in a somewhat deflated tone.
"How'd the tour with Mr. Gorgeousgo?" She smirks as she says this.
"Eh? Good, bad, so-so?"
"So it was absolutely the worst thing that has ever happened to you ever?"
"You know me so well."
We hugged.
Then a thought occurred to me: how the fuck would he know ifI told Ells and just swore her to secrecy?
That couls work. Or it could crash and burn into the ground.....
I'll tell Ells.
"Um, I have something to tell you,"I mumble nervously.
"What is it?" She asks, very concerned.
"I'll tell you at my house,:I say as we walk out of school, looking for signs of Damien.
When we reached my house, i locked all the windows and doors and we walked to my room, dumping our backpacks on my bed.
She looked at me and said,"Spill."
"Damien's a vampire. He's the one who killed Mr. Franklin this morning. I had a dream about it, and he told me it was true on the tour today."
She looked at me incredulously.
"I swear in the name of Green Day that it's true."
"Well, I guess I believe you. It makes sense."
"Thank you!"
We hugged for a while.
Then the unthinkable happened: Damien appeared in the middle of my bedroom. His eyes were flashing crimson, and if looks could kill...
"I thoughtI told you to keep your little mouth shut?!" he yelled, towering over Ells and me.
"You actually expected me not to tell my best friend?"
"Well, yes. My mistake. Now she has to die for your stupidity."
"No! Take me instead! She didn't do anything!" I yelled, baring my neck.
"What are you doing?" They both said simultaneously.
"Trading me for Ells, duh," I said, rolling my eyes.
"Fine. But who said I would kill you?"
"You said you would kill the person I told."
"Yes, but not you."
"And why the hell not?"
"I want to fuck you. Over, and over, and over," he said, with a very sadistic look on his devilishly beautiful face.
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