Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


Oh my God, it feels like I was hit by a semi-truck... These were my first thoughts on awakening. That, and who the fuck is she? The 'she' I am referring to is the girl arguing with Damien. Ooh, interesting....let's pretend I'm still asleep.

"It's no use, Christie. I know you're awake." Whoopee, Damien.

"Aww, crap," I croaked. My throat felt so sore....

"I'm sorry for Damien's atrocious conduct. I'm Andrea." We shook hands.
I took in her appearance: green eyes, long wavy brown hair with a reddish tint when the sun hit it through the hospital blinds (I assumed since I was hooked up to a heart monitor and had an IV...eww needles!) and she seemed about my age, 17. She also had some tattoos and nose and ear piercings. Wait a minute.....

"Andi? Is that you?"

"Christie! Oh my God! You look so different. I can't believe I didn't know my own cousin!" We hugged and reminisced. Andi and I hadn't seen each other since we were 6. We were interrupted when Damien cleared his throat.

"Crevice, don't you pull that shit with me! I'm catching up with my cousin I haven't seen in years, that you nearly drained to death! So shut the fuck up!"

"He almost...killed me?"

"Yeah, it was horrible. When Crevice called me over I didn't expect to see what I did. Blood, everywhere! No wonder I didn't notice were so pale, well paler than usual. You looked...dead. Which is why the boss is going to be so mad at you Damien!" She slapped him. His reaction shocked me: he just took it. If i had slapped him, he would have beat the shit out of me...

I was interrupted from my reverie when someone stormed through my door. I looked up at him, and did not like what I saw.