Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


Another day in hell, I mean school.

I wish I could listen to my music right now. Stupid no electronics rule! Don't they realize that without my music, I will actually go insane? Not really, but it sure does feel like it though.

I wish I had actually paid attention in math class last year, because now I'm the only senior in Algebra II. At least Elliot's in this class. But I sort of have an advantage over all these juniors and overacheiving sophomores: I have a vague idea of what's going on and what will happen.

It doesn't hurt that Mr. Drone (what an unfortunate last name) and I have an understanding of each other: he knows about my family situation and my aversion to authority. So if he sees me dazing off he'll let me get my notes from Elliot. He is the coolest teacher here (to me, at least). He realizes that I actually have an existence outside of school. He might not seem cool at first though. How can you with a pot belly and a greasy comb-over? He seems totally lame at first, but he really cares about teaching the youth of America. I'm glad he didn't give up on me like all of my other teachers in this hell hole. I care about my education, I just don't always pay the best attention or exert myself academically.

Back to reality. I tap my fingers loudly against my desk while Mr. D explains something I already know, earning me more glares. Oh well. Just flip them off. Haha suckers! How do you like me now?!?! I love pissing people off...this is getting boring. Let's pass a note to Elliot! Too bad she's at the other side of the room than me. Never stopped me before.I wrote my note and folded it up.

"Psst! Psst!" I whisper to the guy sitting next to me, Harold.

"Harold! Just pass it to Elliot! Please?" The puppy dog look always works on old Harry.

"Fine," he huffs at me, taking the note and passing it on.

Elliot looks miffed as she gets the note, putting it away in her backpack. Oh well, I'll just have to try harder.

This continues on for pretty much the rest of the class: me passing notes across the room and Elliot not responding.

Ah, saved by the bell!

Every class got progressively more boring.

At last! The day is over! Now I get to procrastinate on doing my homework!