Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


I hope she gives us busy work. I need something to get my mind off of Damien.

"Class, talk amongst yourselves. I need to go make some copies in the copy room."

No, really? You make copies in the copy room? I never knew that.

Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap!!!!!!

I have to sit next to this jerk for an hour.

At least the teacher is gone, I need some music therapy. Green Day therapy, to be precise.
I take out Billie Jean, my beloved bright green old nano and play "No One Knows". I put my arms on my desk and rest my head against them. At the end of the song someone *cough*Damien*cough* tapped me on the shoulder.

I sigh as I raise my head, pull out my right ear bud (he sits on the right of me), and ask, "What?" in an exasperated tone. "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" just came on.

"Isn't there a no electronics rule?"

"Why yes, there is."

"You're violating it." Way to point out the obvious.

"I never thought you were one to care about rules." Emphasis on the you. "Look, can you just shut up? My favorite song just came on," I put my right ear bud in, turn up the volume, and dance to "Words I Might Have Ate". Cause I'm cool like that.

Unfortunately for me, Ms. Smalls just remembered that it's illegal to leave a classroom without a teacher. Just my luck.

"Christie Lake! I expected better of you! Principal's office, now!"

What? That doesn't deserve a visit to the P's office! I should have just gotten a referral!


"Now, Christie," she says in a very stern tone. You see, Ms. Smalls is very strict. She used to be a hippie, but now she's a self-proclaimed "member of respectable society".

As I gather my belongings (my backpack, lunch box, and my copy of War And Peace) Damien just stares at me while smirking.

"Bite me," I say while rolling my eyes at him.

He raises his eyebrow while leaning toward me as he says,"Oh, really?" with an evil undertone in his voice.

I just glare at him, while giving him the finger, of course.

"Anytime, anywhere, babe."

Ugh! The nerve of that guy!

I walk down the hall to the P's office.

I hate Damien Crevice.

Haha, crevice!