Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


I'm walking down the hallway, go down a couple staircases, make a right, and walk into the office. Listening to "Christie Road" all the while. Take that, Crevice!

The secretary doesn't even look at me while she points to the waiting area. Which is stupid, because what if I were a robber, or better yet, a killer? Who am I kidding? The only thing someone might want to steal in this room is my iPod, not that I'd let them. I swear, the computers teachers use here are totally ancient.

"Mrs. Patterson will see you now," the secretary drawls.

I get up and walk to the P's office.

Yes, I call my principal "the P". But not to her face, though.

"Hello, Mrs. Patterson! Did you do something to your hair? Because it looks fabulous!"

"As you well know, flattery will get you nowhere, Miss Lake," she deadpans.

"It was worth a try," I mutter as I sit down across from her at her desk. I should probably put my iPod away, too...

The P is one of those people who see your potential and get disappointed in you when you don't achieve it. Which makes me really uncomfortable.

"What was it this time?"

I'm a regular. I don't like rules, or schedules. Therefor, high school is hell.

"Some new kid Damien Crevice-"

"Always blaming others,"

"-pointed out that I was listening to my iPod, so I punched him in the face!"

"Ms. Smalls caught you, didn't she?"

She knows me so well.

"Yes," I squirm uncomfortably in my plastic chair.

"Well, you could have done worse, so I'll just make you show Damien Crevice around the school for the next few weeks as your punishment. I heard about your altercation with him this morning."

I sigh. Having that jerk follow me around for an indefinite amount of time will be hell.

"Go back to class," she orders.

I walk back to class. I slam the door open.

"Back so soon?"Ms. Smalls asks.


"What's your punishment?"

I roll my eyes and point to Damien. "I have to show Crevice around for an indefinite amount of weeks."

"That should be interesting, Miss Lake. Take your seat."

I mutter nonsense as I walk to my desk with my head bowed and my hair in my face, trying to hide from him. This is going to be fun. Not.

"So, you have to show me around, eh?"

"You have comprehensive skills! Yay for Damien!" I yell while clapping sarcastically.

He glares at me and says, "You should watch what you say around me, Lake. Bad things will happen if you don't."

"And what if I don't, ass face?" I retort.

He stares at me like he did this morning. It gives me shivers down my spinal column. And not the good kind, either.

Wait until Elliot finds out about this.