Afraid To Know What Lies Behind The Stare


A few hours pass.

My mom and Ihave Hawaiian pizza for dinner.

And now it's time for bed. I put my pajamas on, brush my teeth and crap, and get my bed ready to sleep in.

I put Minky, the teddy bear I've had since forever, on my bed. She helps me sleep. I'm going to need all the help I can get because I can't get Damien out of my mind. Which is really infuriating.

"Are you going to sleep now, honey?" my mom asks in my doorway.

"Yeah, mom. I love you," I say as I hug her and kiss her good night.

"Love you, too Christie," she says as she pulls away.

I walk to my bed and get under the covers holding Minky.

"Night mom."

"Night, honey," she says as she turns off the light.

I lay in bed for a while before falling asleep. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't.


It's dark. I can't even see my hand in front of my face.

I hear an eerie chuckle sounding all around me. To my fear-ridden mind it seems to multiply.

Then, a light shines on two figures a short distance away from me. As I move closer I see that it is my next door neighbor Mr. Franklin and someone else still in the shadows. Something seems to be wrong with him, and as I get even closer I see that he has fallen lifelessly to the floor like a ragdoll, blood pouring from an open wound gaping on his neck.
The other figure looms out of the darkness with what I presume to be Mr. Franklin's blood dripping from his mouth and dribbled on his shirt.

As is common with nightmares, my feet move closer without my brain telling them to. I make out the figure to be none other than Damien. His eyes are a burning red.

I try to back away from the vampire, but I trip over a rock. My breathing quickens and my heart pounds. From the look on his face, it is apparent to me that he can hear my blood pounding in my veins as I try to escape without much success. He seems to enjoy my distress, the bastard.

I back into a wall, cornered.

He looms over me through the darkness, reaches his hand to my cheek, and caresses it as he says, "Not tonight, my darling," in an evil voice.

He disappears.

~End Of Nightmare~

I wake up, shaken and breathless.

I run quickly to my mom's room and open the door quietly.

"What's wrong?" she asks sleepily.

"Bad dream," I pant as I get under the covers with her.

She holds me, and we fall asleep together.