Cause I'm Five Minutes Older

On September 16, 1992 Nicholas Jerry and Abigail Brianne Jonas were born. Nick had a distinctive personality from the start. Abbi was just the same. Although they are twins they didn't tick the same way. When Nick started singing, Abbi kept to books and wondering how things worked. When she got too curious things broke and that meant trouble from the beginning she knew that. So she would sit across the room when her parents came in she would blame it on Joe.
When Abbi and Nick went into school, Abbi had already figured out how to read and write. Not long after they where seven, Nick got his wish to perform on Broadway. All of the Jonas kids where home schooled.
Then The Jonas Brothers came into the picture and Abbi stayed out of their way. Not interfering or wanting to be famous. When they moved to LA, Abbi remained with Maya Kibble and her mother in New Jersey. Until she made the choice to come to her family in the sunny state of California. This threw her into a world of fame and glamor. They don't just expect her to pose for pictures they want her on stage. Like her brothers.
But with the spotlight comes things she wanted to keep in her passed.