My One-Sided Romance

Being a victim of one-sided love is nothing to be happy about. When you really love that person and that person doesn't love you back, who would be smiling? Frank has always had feelings for Gerard even though he knows he's straight. But when Gerard starts to feel something for Frank he starts questioning his sexuality. Then an all-girls band comes along and puts a little interest in their lives, Gerard is left to choose.

DISCLAIMER: the band is just something I made up but the songs DO NOT belong to me. They belong to the local bands and artists here in the Philippines. I don't want to get sued so all song credit goes to them okay?

NOTE: although I'm placing this in the Sweet Revenge era (coz I just love Gee's hair there... and Mikey's adorable...) there's still be some songs in this fic coming from this year... though the Black Parade songs are obviously not going to. So Panic's still here though they're not closely connected to the band like on my other fic... I hope you guys understand now ^_^
  1. Just Another Day
    I just continued on my drawing while occasionally glancing at Frankie to see if he wasn’t going to do anything destructive.
  2. Meeting The Newbies
    Night came and it was nearing time for the gig, we were readying ourselves in the bus. Putting on make-up, tuning guitars and all that other crap.
  3. Bottled
    We watched as the girls took the stage, and we heard groans coming from the crowd who had expected 5 guys taking the stage and not 4 girls.
  4. Aren't You Supposed To Be Changing?
    I glanced back at the girls; the medics were still fussing over them backstage.