My One-Sided Romance

Aren't You Supposed To Be Changing?

Gerard’s POV:

As the guys and I got on the stage that was when the crowd screamed their hearts out, I shook my head disappointingly. I glanced back at the girls; the medics were still fussing over them backstage. They had placed some chairs together to let the unconscious Alysse lie down while one of the crew members held an ice pack on her head. Other crew members were wrapping some bandages on Ashlee's cuts, though the blood still kinda stained the white bandages. For Michelle they were dabbing her cut with some medicine that I could tell stung because she was holding onto her chair, practically squeezing it. Some doctors came to do the operation on Natalie; they cleared a long table high enough for the doctors to be comfortable while operating on her leg.

I glanced back to the crowd, still screaming their heads off as we entered. Those bottlers are probably rejoicing that they ‘got rid’ of the newbies. I scoffed a little, but not on the microphone. We were careful not to step on any of the glass shards as we make our way to our usual playing positions, Ray doing some last minute guitar tuning as I centered myself on the stage. Looking the crowd over and arranging what I’m going to say in my head.

“Before we start I’d like to say something…” I said, pausing a little for drama. “I’m fucking disappointed in you guys.” I continued, and the crowd went into an uneasy silence. Which isn’t quite normal in a rock concert, I just decided to continue. “What the fuck was that? I mean, I could see you guys were obviously bottling a newbie band, yeah that happens but you guys were throwing glass shards at them, and that’s going too far.” I paused again to take a deep breath.

“Alysse is unconscious, Ashlee is having a hell a lot of bandages wrapped around her arms like a fucking mummy, Michelle is having some medicine placed on her cut that stings like a bitch and Natalie is going under an operation, going under an operation.” I repeated, though emphasizing it more. “You could’ve fucking killed those girls if you hit them on those vital spots or crap.” I took another pause, looking over at the crowd and spotting one of the bottlers.

“You.” I said, pointing to the dude, I got his attention. “And all those other bottlers out there.” I said, eyeing the ones I saw that were bottling the girls. “I can understand that you wanted to see your favorite band playing so badly but could you guys just fucking wait? It’s just one fucking song, but then I guess not, they’re women for God’s sake! But I don’t think you bottlers wouldn’t care if it were a 9-year-old playing an opening.” I could see the shame in their eyes, but they had to know their place.

“You guys don’t deserve to be here, security, please just…” I paused a bit and turned to my bandmates, they nodded their heads a little and I turned back to the crowd and the bottlers. “Just take them away.” I said, I heard the bottlers protesting as the big security guards were able to get them out of the auditorium. I sighed and looked back at the rest of the crowd, whispering amongst themselves. “What? Are you going to hate me now just because I stood up for my new friends?” I said, after a few moments the crowd started clapping and hollering, making me smile.

“I knew you guys would understand… lets fucking rock this house already!” I said and they screamed, looks like this night isn’t going to be so bad after all.

Frank’s POV:

We went on with the performance now that Gerard did something about those bottlers, he’s damn good at making speeches. So we performed, Gerard walking around while singing and uh… touching himself like he usually does. Ray walked around sometimes but stood still when he did his kick-ass guitar solos, that dude so owns the guitar. Mikey would occasionally walk around too with a bored expression on his face, geez Mikey, live a little. Bob was doing his thing on the drums, with no choice but to just sit there, oh well, it’d be weird anyway if there was some kind of movable drum set. As for me I was just being my usual hyper self, jumping around and spitting at random directions.

Somewhere in the middle of the song I was jumping around again and I hadn’t notice a bunch of wires just lying around, there were still some glass shards just around too. I stopped jumping at some point and was just going to walk around with Mikey when I tripped on the wires that were right next to a pile of glass shards. Just when I thought I was going to experience something painful I had fallen into someone’s arms instead of on the sharp shards, my face buried in his chest.

Looking up I saw Gerard, he had dropped the microphone on purpose just so he could catch me from falling. I try to refrain myself from blushing as I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, concern written all over his pretty face. We didn’t say anything at first, until he spoke.

“You okay Frankie?” he asked, I found myself not able to speak, being so close to him like this. Instead of saying anything I just nodded my head, he smiled and helped me stand up straight. Before picking up his microphone and going back to singing he brushed my hand against mine, probably unintentionally.

“Sorry about that guys, now, where were we?” he said and in no time we got back to the song. I try to not let my mind drift off to when I was close to Gerard like that, so I could focus on strumming the right chords on my guitar.

Try people, try.

Gerard’s POV:

The show finished and we were all sweating as usual as I said goodbye to the audience and we exited the stage, all the guys went over to the dressing room to change into clean non-sweaty shirts. But then I felt like checking on the girls. I looked around and found Michelle and Ashlee talking somewhere, looking at something interesting in Michelle’s cellphone. I went up to them but they didn’t seem to notice me at first.

“How did you get a good angle like that with all those doctors crowding over Natalie?” Ashlee asked.

“I have my sources…” Michelle responded.

“And your sources got you being told off by Brian…”

“At least I got some decent footage.” I cleared my throat and they looked up, surprised to see me standing there. “Gerard?” Michelle said.

“Aren’t you supposed to be changing into some clean, non-sweaty clothes like the other guys?” Ashlee asked.

“I just wanted to check on you girls, there something wrong about that?” I asked, taking a seat next to Ashlee.

“No, okay fine just stay here all sweaty and shit, it’s your life.”

“Exactly, so how are you girls?” I asked.

“Alysse is still unconscious, or she could just be sleeping, Natalie just finished her operation but she needs rest and crap so Ashlee’s restraining me so I won’t annoy her.” Michelle said.

“Why? What does she do?”

“She pokes people, repeats a lot of random lines, and does some other crap that can fucking annoy people, she’s just too… hyper.” Ashlee said.

“You should see me when I eat sweets.” Michelle said, trying to smile a big smile but then winced because of the cut that had a rectangular shaped bandage on it, so she just went with a smile.

“You’re like Frankie.” I said.

“Yeah, you two are both short and hyper.” Ashlee said, Michelle hit her slightly. Slightly coz her arms still probably hurt.

“Anyway, what were you guys watching a while ago?” I asked, curious as to what was so interesting to them.

“I videoed Natalie’s operation…” Michelle said, I raised an eyebrow at this.

“She’s just weird like that.” Ashlee said. “It’s really gore-y, wanna see?” she asked, I didn’t know what to do exactly at that point. I was just about to open my mouth to answer her question when Brian came up to us and cut me off. Thanks Brian.

“Hey girls, since you two are the only ones not severely injured at the moment you’ll learn about the good news I have right now.” he said in one breath, he noticed me sitting there, still sweaty and shit. “Shouldn’t you be changing with the guys?” he asked.

“I wanted to check on the girls.” I answered.

“Well anyway, girls, I have found a suitable manager for you!” he said with a big smile on his face, Ashlee and Michelle exchanged glances.

“Already?” Michelle said.

“Someone sure has been doing their job.” Ashlee said, I just smiled at Brian, he can be a real hard-worker.

“Just doing my job… no wait… I mean… yeah.” he said, Michelle giggled a little. “Wait here, I’ll go get her.” he said and left temporarily.

“Did he say her?” Michelle said.

“So the manager dude’s a dudette?” Ashlee said.

“Well you are an all-girl band and all…” I said.

“Yeah…” Michelle said and paused. “Though it’d be interesting if we got a gay manager…” she said, Ashlee stifled a laugh while I just gave them weird looks. “I’m sorry, am I weird-ing you out Gee?” she asked.

“Uh… honestly? Yes.” I said.

“Sorry…” she said.

“No need to apologize.”

“Okay girls, meet Jaye Benson, she’s the niece of My Chemical Romance’s producer, Howard Benson.” Brian said, coming back and making us look up to him. This time he was with a girl. Her hair was also long, black and layered, her eyes were Chinese-like. She was wearing a black 30 Seconds To Mars shirt and some jeans. “Jaye, these are Ashlee, the lead guitarist, and Michelle, the rhythm guitarist, and um, this is clearly Gerard, but he’s not in your band so yeah.” he said.

“Where are the others?” Jaye asked.

“One of them needs resting time and the other is unconscious.”

“Tough opening night?”



“So, I’ll leave you girls… and Gerard… to Jaye then, I need to go check on Natalie.” Brian said and left, Jaye turned to us and it was silent for a while.

“You.” she said, suddenly pointing at Michelle, shocking her for a bit.

“Uh… me?” she said.


“W-what is it?”

“… where’s that unconscious member?”

“Um… over—“

“Can you show me where?”

“Uh… okay…” Michelle said, getting up from where she was sitting, exchanging glances with me and Ashlee before leaving with their new manager.

Leaving me and Ashlee alone.