I've Got Your Mixed Tape In My Walkman

The day Lily Baker slipped away...no one saw it coming. Her brother didn't. Their friends didn't. Not even the boy who was in love with her didn't. No one at Huntington High thought twice of this ever happening. They were all left with one question of why she did it. Why did, seventeen year old, Lily Baker take her own life?

Well Zacky and his friends are about to learn thirteen reason's why she did it. She's putting the rumors out there and telling her side of the story. The side that was the least popular of all the rumors...the truth.

This was Lily Baker...
And this is her true story.

{disclaimer} This story does contain the topic of suicide. I am, in no way trying to disrespect anyone that has dealt with suicide in this story. It's based off of Jay Asher's debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why. Which is amazing! I do not own A7X.

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