The Accident

Chapter 4

“Hey Ms. Cherri,” I say to my drama teacher. She opens her mouth to reply but no sounds come out.
“What are you saying? I can’t hear you,” I say. She opens her mouth again, this time it looks like she’s screaming at me.
“Ms. Cherri,” I stammer, “I can’t hear you! I want to hear you but I can’t!”
Ryan walks in.
“Of course you can’t hear her,” he whispers to me, “you’re deaf, remember.”
“No- I’m not deaf. Dr. Chen said that it’s only slight hearing loss! She said!”
“Oh, really?” He drawls, eerily, “You’re as deaf as a pole. You can’t deny it.”
“That’s not true, Dr. Chen said…”
“Dr. Chen’s a moron. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with you. Has she told you she knows how to fix you?”
“No, but they still need to test me and stuff. Ryan, stop saying these things, please!”
“I can’t. You know me Sophe, I don’t lie.”
“Exactly, I know you- you wouldn’t say these things to me!”
“No, you think you know me. I thought I knew you, but the Sophie I knew wouldn’t choose some friend over the guy that she loves. I don’t know you anymore Sophie, and apparently you don’t love me.”
“No, Ryan! I do love you! Ryan don’t do this. Please don’t do this.” I begged.
“You little liar! If you really loved me you would have trusted me enough to let me into the testing room with you instead of that little bitch of a girl- Kerry! You know I hate her guts and you still chose her over me! You know what this means, don’t you Spohe?”
“No, Ryan. Please, don’t… I’m begging you!”
“Well, begging won’t help you now, will it? Goodbye, Sophie, I’ll see you- well, never. I suppose I won’t ever see you! Haha!”
“Ryan! I love you! Ryan!”