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Forbidden:The New Beginning

It's been 5 years since Carmen and Christian were last together. She ran away,not even telling Christian.
Maria,Carmen's mother,kept her daughter's location a secret from Christian just so Carmen could live a somewhat normal life.

Now that Carmen is a 21 year old mother and wife to Ex-boyfriend Julio,who isn't who Carmen wanted to marry,will Christian ever sweep her off her feet like he did when she was just 16? Read and find out. :]]
  1. What is it this time?
  2. Co-star
    Who is this mystery co-star?
  3. Who am I speaking to?
    "An old friend."
  4. We meet again.
    "Who's that mommy?"
  5. Carmen!
    "Mom,stay out of this."
  6. Peice of cake.
    "Seduce her,like she seduced you."
  7. I'll always be the pro.
    Bale better watch his ass...
  8. What happened?
    "Can we just talk?"
  9. Bipolar
    He is such a child.