October Moon

Hell bound and human

Chapter Two- Hell Bound and Human

Recap- Her mind protested as her legs started to lead her into that apartment. At first she saw nothing, but after a few moments of looking around she could have sworn she heard someone saying her name. Telling herself that it was nothing, she began to walk back towards the front door to go back to her own apartment before she heard the curtains rustling in the window behind her. Turning slowly, she met the maker of all this noise, freezing where she stood.

The only thing she could see of the figure looming in the window was the glint of dark green eyes. She barely had time to react. His cold fingers wrapped around her upper arm, pulling her closer. Reading her every thought. Her voice was caught in her throat, unable to scream or make any other form of noise to alert her neighbors. This strange man began to mumble under his breath, continuing to glare about them as if waiting for something. This alarmed the already panicking October, sending her to a frenzy of strangled whimpers and cries. He clapped his hand over her mouth, the sounds instantly dwindling to frighten squeaks against his clammy skin. October began to write, the blood pumping voice again through her slender body. She was no match for the strange man’s strength and her movement severely limited as he pulled her in close to his chest. The fabric of his trench coat was foul smelling, the singed sent of fire and smoke wafted through her nostril as he continued to pull her close. She gave one last futile attempt at escaping but she was met with a sharp pain in her head….and all went black.
He watched as October stirred, her eyelids fluttering open revealing her crystal blue orbs, as she began to take in her surroundings. Almost as soon as she had wake up, she scrabbled to her feet receiving an awful head rush. She massaged her temples with her thumb and forefinger, slowly sinking back down in to a sitting position, groaning softly as she completely came to.
“Where…where am I, and who are you?” she rasped, her voice was dry to her arid throat
“Where the hell do you thing you are, hm? My place the names Darius” The male snorted rising to his feet he began to pace in front of her.
“You humans sleep so long… you were probably out for a day or so, I didn’t hit you that hard.” He scoffed in annoyance. Pausing to glare at her.
“Well I wouldn’t have slept so long if you bothered to wake me, Why I could’ve been dead for all you knew”
“Yeah, but would I care of you were dead?”
“You should care, seeing as you’re the one who seems so concerned about it” She retorted, crossing her arms over her chest sending the man a harsh glare.
“Whatever, I haven’t the time to waste arguing with a petty human” he scoffed and turned to leave
“Why am I here?” she asked sudden;t, worry shone clear ly over her pale face, her beautiful icy blue eyes filled with panic. His vicious and cold green eyes flickerd to hers causing her to drop her gaze to the floor, sending a slight shiver down her spine. Darius smirked slightly at her.
“That’s none of your business” He said slowly with a snear, a smirk played on his handsome face as Octobers faced turned to an angry scowl
“Ass” She murmured, blowing a stray pecie of snow white hair from her face
“What was that?” Darisu asked in a low voice, October lifted a thin perfectly arched eyebrow, a small smirk plastered on her face
“I said ‘ass’ would you like me to spellt aht out for you?” she mocked, October was defiant by nature, and although most respect this quality and her ‘ never-back down’ attitude it tended to get her in some pretty deep situations.
“Why you pathetic human how dare you insult me” he growled his chilling green eyes filled with rage as he glared harshly at the young girl who sat defiantly before him.
“Why do you keep calling me ‘human’?” She growled with annoyance as hse rose to her feet ignoring the pain in her head.
“What are you, Eh pretty boy, a unicorn?” She inquired gatting rather angry with this compleat stranged insulting her and forgetting the situation she was in.
Before she could even blink his hand was on her throat and she was slammed against the wall, his cold fingers tighten around her neck, chokeing the precious air from her fragil lungs, her hands instantly flew to his trying to wretch them from her neck, her vision started to blur from lack of air.
“You humans…so fragile, so pathetic” He snarled, his cold eyes locked on her fading blue ones.
“You look so beautiful in blue” He whisperd cruelly in her ear, his warm breath making her skin prickle, the last thing she felt as she was tossed in to oblivion as she passed out from the lack of oxygen.
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