October Moon


Chapter Three- Desperation

He light of the full moon drifted thorough a lone, dusty window resting on the face of a young girl, illuminating her pale face, and white hair in a heavenly glow, the moonlight danced thought her snow white hair making it glow like the moon itself, it gave her a heavenly yet ominous glow. Cold dark green eyes also rested upon the unconscious girl that laid motionlessly on the floor. Darius rose from his seat and knelt beside the girl, he sighed to himself and carefully picked her up and place her on the bed, her skin was soft like silk and warmed his cold skin. He sighed once more and ran a hand through his thick, coal black hair, he was tired and exhausted from his journey, it took a lot to travel realms even for someone as powerful as his. He left the room locking the window and door as he left to retire to his chambers for a goodnights sleep. Maybe now sleep would come now that she was here, now that the one he lost so long ago reside in the room down the hall.
October tossed fitfully I her sleep as her dream drag on this one was different though this one was of her childhood.
A 13 year old October was walking down a dimly let sidewalk after finally getting off from school, it was getting dark now and she was no where near home, her step mom refused to pick her up probably hoping she wouldn’t come home. But October had no where else to go so she had to make the long walk home and just as she was about to take the bus her friend Aden came running up beside her.
“Hey October, mind if I walk you home its not safe out here by yourself” He stated with a warm smile, a smile that always warmed her from the inside out.
“Sure” She replied slightly confused considering he lived in the opposite direction. She’s had a crush on him since she moved here a year ago but she didn’t want to risk their friendship. They walked in silence, and when they came to the ally that they had to take to reach the street that lead them home it was night and October shivered with fear.
“Come on, its okay we’ll be fine” Aden encouraged taking hold of her hand and pulling her in to the ally keeping her close to him, and that’s when it all began, he was suddenly snatched from her hand and slammed into a near by wall, the young October screamed with fear as she reached to grab the shadow figure off him, the figure turned and slammed her into the wall, she screamed and rose back to her feet her hands grasping a large wooden 2x4 and slammed it a cross the figures head. The young and startled October rushed to Aden’s side but it was too late her best friend and the love of her life laid with a bleed heart wound in her arms as he slowly began to die
“No Aden don’t leave me!” She cried out desperately his beautiful gray blue eyes locked on hers
“Don’t worry October you’ll see me again” He whispered
“No Aden I need you, I love you please, I love you” She cried tears streaming down her face as she held him close to her, he smiled at her softly the beautiful, warm smile.
“I love you to October, always have, but I must go now I’ll see you again bye” He whispered, he placed a soft kiss on her lips she kissed back immediately, he smile one last time
“I love you” He said before his body went cold.
“I love you too” she whispered even though he could no longer hear her.

October awoke with tears streaming down her face, that was four years again but the memory still haunted her, she still loved him always would n matter what. She laid back down letting her tears soak the pillow beneath her head she missed him so much its been hard over the years but she’s managed for now. She pull out an extravagant locket on her neck, it was a rather large silver heart that had extraordinary designs on it and the in the middle was a heart shaped ruby, this necklace was held on a silver chain. She smile softly and gently opened the locket, there inside on the left of the heart was a picture of her and Aden smiling, she was on his back, it was they day the went to the beach together and on the right was a picture of her an Aden accidentally kissing that her friend Rachel had taken. Inscribe on the back of locket in gold was; I love October Always and forever Aden. She had found it in a small black box along with may of his other possession his mother thought she should have. She clutched the locket tightly in her hands and cried herself to sleep.
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