Another cliche love story, and other little trageties

So it begins

"Mom, could you PLEASE change the station?" I covered my ears in a futile attempt to block out Shania Twains annoying voice. I don't have anything against them, but people who voluntarily listen to country music are strange. How can anyone stand that much intentional voice cracking?

“Oh, but hunny, I love this song!” I glared at her through the rear-view mirror. “Don’t look at me like that! Fine, after this song, I’ll change it.”

“Thanks Mom”

Suddenly the car hit a pothole and a shock was sent through all of us. “Hunh? Wha happen?” Said my father groggily. He had been sleeping in the passenger seat for roughly an hour.

“Just a pothole dear. Here, have your water.” Replied my mother. She was bending down to grab the plastic bottle that was beside her foot when something went wrong. Her hand turned the wheel ever so slightly, but it was enough to veer us into oncoming traffic, and a semi. The last thing I saw was the lights of the truck, a lot of blood, and then, darkness.

“Get me two pints of O now!” Someone shouted. The voice was far off, as if I was underwater and they were standing on a dock beside me. Slowly, I could hear more, and that voice more clearly. I could hear the people who replied, footsteps, beeping machinery, clanging metal… It was all jumbled together in a soup of sound. My eyelids were heavy, but I managed to open them, only to clamp them shut again. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to have a bright light shining in my face? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it was the same person who wrenched open my eye just to shine more light into what was already damaged enough. Now they’ve done it.

“Wumph?!?” I meant to say something more along the lines of ‘what the fuck do you thing you’re doing?!?’ But with the amount of tubes shoved down my throat, I’m surprised I got even that much out.

“Sweetie, everything is going to be fine. You were in a car crash, but you’re at the hospital now. You’ll be fine. Just hang in there.” It took me a while to process the words. The voice in which they were spoken was obviously female, she sounded young.

“My name is Patricia. Try to stay awake for me, okay hun?” I tried to hold onto Patricia’s words, but it was so hard. The tighter I held, the more it slipped away. It wasn’t long before I was too tired and had to give up. The darkness swallowed me savagely and I was quickly pulled into unconsciousness.
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Crappy chapter, but come on! It's my first story ever!

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