Another cliche love story, and other little trageties

Four Months

Four months. It had been four months since my parents suggested we go on a road trip to Seattle. Four months since they were killed in the car crash, and four months that I'd been captive in that god-forsaken hospital. It was hell. The food sucked, the people were much too happy to be working in a place where people go to die, and everyone there was sick. These were all terrible in their own ways, but nothing amounted to the embarrassment of Physio. You see, in the crash I of course didn't come out with just a few scratches, quite the opposite really. I didn't have a scratch, a miracle if you ask me. No I had it worse. Something happened to my spinal cord, I don't know what. I sort of tuned out as soon as my doctor told me I'd never walk again. Most people would think tat I would have automatically started thinking something along the lines of: No! It... It can't be true! This isn't happening! But no. My thoughts immediately went to how I was gonna prove this jackass wrong. I was going to walk again, and that's exactly what I did. I'd spent those last four months re-learning how to walk. Now I know why babies have baby fat, damn the floor comes at you fast! Anyway, after the long, strenuous efforts, I was able to walk again. I had a limp, of course, but with the progress I was making, it wouldn't be long before that would disappear too.

"Okay, Amber sweetie. Your Doctor is going to come check on you, sign some papers, and then you can go home!" Megan was the overly cheerful nurse who had been assigned to me the week before. I guess she hadn't had the time to check my portfolio yet, and didn't know that I had no home to go back to.

"Who's gonna take me there? One of Casper the friendly ghost's friends?" I replied

"No, silly! Your mom and dad."

"They're dead."

A look of complete and utter horror spread across her face.

"Oh my god! I had no idea! I am so sorry... Ummm I don't know who's taking you home then. A man with the same last name as you came in and said he'd be taking you... I assumed that he was your-"

"Well he wasn't. Do you know what his first name was?" I interrupted.

"Sorry dear, I don't."

At that second by doctor sauntered into the room. The expression on his face and his posture was what most would imagine the most handsome man in the world to have, though he was far from that. He looked do be in his late 40’s. He was short, probably 5, 3” and quite stout. To make things worse for him, his face was that of a pubesant pig, what with all the acne and his turned-up nose. His mousy brown hair made a U shape around his head, but was combed over the middle to hide the massive bald spot. As if that actually helped. Dr. Seymour was also in dire need of dental work, not to mention fashion advice. Never the less, he was a medical genius. Because of him, I was able to walk.

“Amber, you’re going home today! Isn’t that wonderful?” He didn’t let me answer. “Of course, I’m terribly sorry that it can’t be with your parents, but there is a family member coming to pick you up. I believe he said he was your uncle.”

“Thanks. So, one last check-up?” I just wanted to get it over with.

“Yes, just one more. You know the drill?”

I turned over so my back was facing him, which was the only place he’d need to see. Dr. Seymour started gently probing at my back, along my spine. I have to admit, it felt strange, even if it did only last a minute. He checked my pulse and reflexes then I was informed that I was free to go.

“Your uncle is waiting outside, I’ll go get him.” Said my doctor. He left the room only to return a moment later, with a man in his wake. The man was quite handsome; he had a full head of dark chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes. His well built frame suggested that he worked out, but not in a body builder kind of way. The best part about him, though, was his wardrobe. He was dressed in a smart, navy, pinstriped suit and was topped off with what I thought was the most amazing hat on the face of the planet. Seriously, he could be wearing nothing but that hat and a chicken costume and I’d still think he was smartly dressed. The navy fabric of the fedora tied in well with his suit. Now, I have a strong belief that wearing a modern-day fedora automatically makes you look gay, but his was different. It was the kind from the 40’s that Sherlock Holmes would wear. Dr. Seymour could’ve learned a few things from that guy.

“Hi Amber, I know you probably don’t have the slightest idea as to who I am, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m your father’s brother, and your uncle… I guess you can call me Tom. You’re going to be living with me… I hope you don’t mind…”

“Don’t worry Tom, you had me at the hat.”
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