On the Path of Insanity

Never Make Pacts with the Devil

He only blacked out for a minute as he got up and cursed some really mean words and swore death to the person who threw the weight. I ran out and turned and found Beatrice walking around. I ran to her quickly.

“Beatrice! If anyone asks I’ve been with you all afternoon and we have played all day.!” I screamed as I grabbed her arm she gave me a startled and confused questioning look.

I looked around to notice that no one else was listening.

“I kind of messed up bad so I need you to cover up for me.” I whispered and dreaded asking her for a favor since I knew what it meant.

I didn’t even need to ask her since I knew she wouldn’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart. She was evil that way. So doomed that I beggged for the training guy come and save me. Yes, that was what I was, doomed. I know I have issues but that is the life of an average teen who is being held somewhere where she doesn’t even know where. If that made any sense…

“Fine in return you will do whatever I say without any excuses complaints or buts!” She giggles and I nod not being able to talk as dread rushes through me.

Then right on cue a really pissed of asshole makes his dramatic appearance. His face contorted in anger and as red as the fiery of hell. Where I currently am. His gaze narrows on me as I try to act as normal and laid back as I can.

“Where have you been?” He asks suspiciously I give him the most uncaring and bored look I can make and shrug.

“Here and there, across the world, across time and in your nightmares who wants to know?” I ask holding back a smile.

“Really because I could have sworn I saw you in the workout room.” he asks angrily I shake my head slightly.

“Nope! I’ve been with Beatrice all this time haven’t I?” I turn to her masking my panic. She nods ever so cutely.

“Yup! Brother why do you look like you wish to behead someone?” She asks in a cute innocent voice that only she could manage to do.

“Someone threw a weight out the window not only breaking it but attempting to kill me in the process.” He mutters angrily and horribly enough a giggle escapes my mouth.

Darn! So close! He looks at me and takes a step closer to me. I look him in the eyes since I know what happens when you look somewhere else.

“And once I find out who it was it’s going to be way more horrible before the beheading part.” He whispered menacingly.

“Is that a threat?” I asked as bravely as I could manage.

“No it’s a promise and if you know who it was make sure to tell them to run and hide.” He replied coolly. I just shrugged and smiled.

“I’ll be sure to tell him that.” I take a step back, grab Beatrice’s hand wave and walk off before I can accidentally give myself away. Since I’m such a horrible liar and all.

“Well it was nice chatting and all but we are awfully busy today so bye!” I yelled over my shoulder and didn’t stop walking until I was at least five miles away.

I finally let out a sigh and fell to the ground really tired. I was surprised I could walk so much after boot camp from hell. She giggles and I could see she was planning on how to torture me some more. She grins widely at me and begins to jump up and down.

“I want to watch a movie! I want to watch a movie!” She starts to pick me off the floor which is odd since she is only half my size. I slumped back down on the ground and she pouted.

“Ok wait a minute and let me take a breather how about you go ahead and get some snacks or something. Go choose the movie or something.” I begged.

She thought for a moment and nodded. She grabbed my hand and before I could blink I was in her room. I was surrounded by pink and purple walls. Large shelves with humongous stuffed animals and a whole shelf dedicated only to Care Bears. Every shape and color for the Care Bears. All I could think was wow. She grinned at me and left telling me to make myself at home. I plopped down on her bed and waited. I was suddenly really sleepy so I decided there wouldn’t be any harm in taking a five minute nap. I woke up to a whining voice as she complained about wanting to watch a movie.

“B-but Patricaaaa I want to watch a movieeee! Its not fare! She said we would watch a movie!” Beatrice complained.

“Like I told you before let her rest. She must be exhausted to crash out in your creppy bedroom and not wake up from all your yelling. Now leave and let her sleep, don’t even think about waking her up.” Patricia ordered

“Too late.” I mumbled as I rolled over and yawned really wanting to go back to sleep. I felt like I was carrying bags of lead all over my body.

"No go to sleep it's ok i'll watch over Beatrice you can rest for now." Patricia didn't wait for a answer as she left.

To much of my delight dragging the little demon with her. I knew I was still that evil's slave but I was happy I could sleep. I fell asleep again and didn't wake up any time soon.
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