Why Would He Believe in Me?

Nic and Tom have been best friends ever since their first day of High School. They spent all their time together and were literally in-separable.
Then; Nic's mom died and her and her brother Dash were re-located. 2 years later, and out of college she's, back in Sheffield, in a flat with her new best mate, trying to get back the life she left behind. All is going well until Oliver, Tom's brother, decides maybe Nic has something to offer her. She would gladly except, if it wasn’t for the fact she’d loose Tom.
Who will she pick? Will she really have to choose?

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(credit: 'SteffyMichelle' )

I do not own BMTH or Tom, (but one day I might!). I do own the other characters though. Lol.
  1. Let's Rip Out The Pages Of Yesterday
    Returning To Sheffield
  2. I'd Kill For The Sun To Never Rise Again.
    Nic gets invited to a party... By Lee Malia !
  3. We'll Take This Feeling To Our Graves.
    Nic see's Tom Sykes again :/
  4. Close Your Eyes. Pray For Plagues.
    Kind of a filler.
  5. We Didn't Think Goodbye Would Be Our New Favourite
    Nic faces Tom
  6. Let's Go Chase The Sunset.
    Another filler. But an important one. Also, Nic meet's Oliver briefly.
  7. A Dawn I Though We'd Never See.
    Getting ready for the journey, To Scotland btw :P
  8. Im Ready To Go Baby.
    Trouble strikes!
  9. You've Still Got Hell To Look Forward To.
    Still lost.
  10. I Can Help You To See Light.
  11. Run For The Hills.
    Hope. At Last :P
  12. This Distance Is Decay.
    They head into 'Boston'
  13. Count Your Blessings.
    Dialogue. Oli and Nic.
  14. We'll Take These Feelings To Our Grave's. (2)
    They finally arrive.
  15. I've Got A Taste For Something.
    The morning.
  16. I feel The Malice In My Veins.
    Tom vs Oli (pt.1)
  17. I Have Listened, And I Have Watched.
    Tom 'apologizes'
  18. Written In Blood.
  19. Cash in all your chips tonight baby.
    Things get cool, then heat up =]
  20. The Sun Goes Down, We Come Out
    Kiss? Maybe...
  21. You Took What You Wanted And Left.
    Tom's P.O.V
  22. If Only I Could Show You Just How Sweet This Could
    Lee and Shayleigh :/
  23. So Don't Close Your Eyes, Not Just Yet.
    Its not a BMTH story without a little Curtis ;)
  24. I refuse to close my eyes.
    Lee and Shay sort it out. Curtis is awkward.
  25. Diamonds Aren't Forever.
    Skating (SP?).
  26. Do not change the subject, lets go chase the sunse
    Nic thinks things over.
  27. You've got a mouth like a razor-blade.
    Oliver gets cheeky.
  28. There's nothing new in dying now.
    Phoenixx escapes. A little to far.
  29. I got every person I need.
    Maybe it'll be okay?
  30. You took what you wanted and left.
  31. I have listened, and I have watched.
    Party party !!
  32. (We) drank 'til there was nothing left.
    Love is in the air...or is it?
  33. It sits in silence, eats away at me.
    The drive home.
  34. We've Fallen Apart.
    The end and a preview.