please believe me when I say that I'm sorry for leaving like this. i really dont want to but please, just keep on going with the research without me. I just want you to know that its not your fault, and i wouldn’t be leaving if I had any other choice. i hope someday you might be able to forgive me.
take care of yourself
The farewell letter was written on a small scrap of paper, like it was torn off a larger piece. The letter was written by Izumi, Edward could tell that much, but here, her handwriting was smaller, messier, like it was scribbled in a great hurry. He crumpled the paper slowly in his hand, brows knotting in thought, his soft brown hair falling down in front of his eyes. Desperately, he racked his brain for a reason as to his foster sister’s disappearance. None came to mind.
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Here we go, first part of the Aestris rewrite. Tell me what you think.