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In Too Deep

Sequel to Dirty Journalism. Things have changed since Jackie left James Academy, and one of those things is Max Leopold. After a nasty falling out, the "enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers-turned-enemies-again" have some growing up to do, and it might be harder than Max and Jackie expected. But if they fall in too deep, they might not be able to get out.

made by guess what superman?
Made by nikkixgoesxRAWR
  1. Prologue
    I miss you.
  2. Je Veux Jackie
    “Yes. I’m sorry I told them. Yada, yada, yada. Now hug me.”
  3. Hating You Continued
    "The feeling's mutual. Get the hell away from me."
  4. Bitterness
    “She’s back. Praise the Lord.”
  5. Keeping Secrets
    “I sort of, maybe, kind of… pushed my roommate down the stairs.”
  6. Clear Enough For You?
    She hated him, but she wanted him.
  7. Friends, Finally
    "I just think you're a sad excuse for a human being."
  8. Incredibly Analytical
    "I don't give chances to jerks."
  9. Imperfect
    “I unloaded my problems onto you. It’s your turn.”
  10. When It Rains
    "I could jump off. It could be over in a second."
  11. In Which Scooter Sings Scooby-Doo
    “Jackie Bodello hates noogies, doesn’t she?”
  12. 3 AM
    “Do you want it to haunt you forever?”
  13. Wake Up Calls
    "If there's a head injury involved, I must be in the room."
  14. Test Tubes
    "You are a very dirty girl, Ms. Bodello."
  15. Arrival
    “If you call me that, I will allow my mother to do horrible things to you.”
  16. Max the Slacker
    "Get your head out of this newspaper you’re wasting time on."
  17. Don't You Love The Rain?
    He felt a little stalker-ish, but he didn’t want to stop.
  18. Familiar Faces
    “She loved you.”
  19. Body Heat
    “Am I making you uncomfortable?”
  20. Escape
    “We’re getting out of here.”
  21. In Too Deep
    “And I don’t want to get back out.”
  22. The Aftermath
    "I trust you, Jackie."
  23. Story Of Our Spring Break
    They both looked exceedingly ruffled... and a little guilty.
  24. Between You and Me... and Scooter
    "You are such a tease."
  25. Say Goodbye to Miss Bodello
    "Pretend to cry. Pretend we're actually going to listen."
  26. Rebellious
    “I… hate… my… life…”
  27. The Inevitable Future
    “Besides, a lot has happened since then. A lot has changed.”
  28. Adolescence At Its End
    "Screw it."
  29. Je Veux Max
    “You want Max? You got him.”
  30. Epilogue
    I hate you.