To Start

To Start

The moon was low in the sky, slowly making its way further up to the stars and chases away the last rays of the sun.

A lone figure stood looking at the midnight sky with its glittering stars, a slight breeze blew their locks of dark hair into their eyes; though they never brushed it away.

“You’ve zoned out,” A soft male voice said, and the dreamer turned to see a man only a few feet away from them; “An enemy could easily have killed you,”

“Maybe,” The person smiled slightly; “It wouldn’t matter though, I do not fear death,”

“Do you fear anything?” The man walked closer, the moonlight highlighted his blonde hair; “Tai, do you know what fear is?”

“I have felt and tasted fear Toboe, I know exactly what it is, and why I am no longer afraid of death is my own reasoning,” The woman told him, continuing to look at the stars shining down on them.

“Tai…… we do not want you to leave….. we need you,” Toboe began, then he noticed the sharp look he got from the woman.

“There are plenty of healers; all of them are good at what they do, one would not be such a great loss,”

“Maybe, but we would lose a confidant and friend,” Toboe pointed out, and began to walk back to the house where they stayed; “Don’t do this Tai. I know…… we all know that you are unhappy, but we can help,”

“I know Toboe, but everyone is so busy with tracking them down, that my problems seem so insignificant,” Tai looked at the blonde haired man; “I can’t help it,”

“Then we shall make time,” Toboe told her, offering her his hand; “Now is a good time to start,”

The woman gingerly took his hand, and they began walking back to the village, to start anew.