The Unprotected

An excerpt from the story:

“Hey, look Rion! I’ve found something!” Joban clawed at the ground, uncovering another medallion.

“Whoa,” Rion exclaimed, walking over to Joban, “Two in one day?” Joban turned the medallion over in his hands. It looked like a warrior’s medallion, just like his mother had described. It had a crown symbol on the front with two stones, one orange and one black.

“Show me yours, Rion, I think this is a warrior medallion.”

Rion took his medallion off from around his neck and stood close to Joban. They bowed their heads and held the medallions in the centre of their small huddle. Suddenly, as the metal briefly touched, the wind picked up, making the boys’ clothes flap and twist, as if they were trying to escape. Their jet-black hair whipped around their ears as they looked around, alarmed.

“Look!” Joban shouted, indicating the medallions. The stones on each medallion were beginning to glow brightly.

“What’s happening?” Yelled Rion.

As they stood, the maize bending dangerously, an invisible force lifted them off the ground slowly. The medallions became extremely hot, and the boys dropped them. The wind howled, still blowing strong and the sky began to darken unnaturally. Rion and Joban clung to each other, still suspended in the air. The stones shone even brighter, so bright that the boys had to shield their eyes. To the twins’ surprise, a mystic figure formed not far from Rion and Joban. The brothers’ eyes shone with both fear and excitement as the smoky figure glided towards them. The cloaked creature brought an eerie feel to the cornfield, as if Death was hiding between the crops, waiting to jump out and claim his property.

Joban held his breath, anticipating what will come next. Finally, the man spoke:

“I am Foron; I disappeared in to the forest nearly 200 years ago.”


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