Do You Love Me Enough?

OK... so I kinda figured needed to post some stories, seeing as I actually do write them... =P. I just haven't written in what seems like years, so this was me getting unrusted on that score. It's just a kinda splurdge of creativeness, rather than a well thought out piece of prose. I like it... I think. It just doesn't look like I've written it! It's completely different from my normal writing style, to be honest... I'm normally a bit more into my flowery descriptions than just chunks of dialogue, so I'm not really sure how this works. But I'll give it a whirl on here and see what you guys think.

It's a idea that wouldn't get outta my head after putting a couple of lines from 'There's No 'I' In Team by Taking Back Sunday' on my MySpace profile.

"Best friends means I pulled the trigger,
Best friends means you get what you deserve."

The characters are Kay and Alex, a girl and a boy, who, I feel I have to point out - aren't going out. However much they may seem like that. I'm not even sure best friends is quite the way to put it. I think a line from Bastard Son.'s masterpiece 'It's Not A Mistake If You Always Repeat It' (unashamed name-drop... I suggest you check that story out too. Because I'm completely in love with it =P) sums it up best.

"We’re not just friends... we’re everything"

And with that... on with the show!