My Arranged Marriage to an English Jerk Who's a Vampire Prince, Sucks to Be Me

Valdelle is your typical seventeen year old. She used to be a little angel but after her father's death she went kind of weird and dark. She has a few anger management issues.
She loves Karaoke and she plays the piano really well, she has a really nice voice a cross between Celine Dion, Leona Lewis and Mariah Carrey. She plays soccer and it’s her favourite sport, she and her father used to sit and watch the Fifa World Cup together eating popcorn dipped in peanut butter.
She also knows Karate and if necessary she kicks butt.
But one day a teary mother tells her something, something that will change her life forever.
She's going to get married...
But not only does she have to deal with her stupid gorgeous fiance Jayden, she also discovers something that threatens her life...
  1. Chapter 1 (Prologue)
    His Young Majest must chose a Bride!
  2. Chapter 2 (Valdelle Adrianna Leone)
    When your not exactly a morning person...
  3. Chapter 3 (Jayden)
  4. Chapter 4 (When you find out you're going to be ma
    Delle hates Jayden Nana naa na naaa naaa
  5. Chapter 5 The English Jerks Friends
    I think this is Chapter five, havent been counting
  6. Chapter 6
    Or maybe this is the part with the ritch jerks friends...
  7. Chapter 7
    Do you realise I've been posting chapters with intervals of five minutes?
  8. Chapter 8 (I suck at thinking of titles)
    When you have to sleep in the same bed with the guy you deteste...and then you play soccer
  9. Chapter 9 (Memories and downright awesomeness)
    Delle can play soccer Na na naa naaaa naa!
  10. Characters + Setting (Not realy a chapter)
  11. Chapter 11 (I'm counting the pics as chapter 10)
  12. Chapter 12
    This is kind of a boring chapter but i thought i'll just get it through before the next part
  13. Chapter 13
    Jayden's POV
  14. chapter 14
    im soooooo sorry i havent updated in ages
  15. Chapter 15
    This has to be the longest chapter ever
  16. Chapter 16
    Delle is curious
  17. Chapter 17
    The Engagement Ball
  18. Chapter 18
  19. Chapter 19
  20. Chapter 20
    Delle's voice
  21. Chapter 21
  22. Chapter 22
  23. Chapter 23
  24. Chapter 24
  25. Chapter 25
  26. Chapter 26
    Sickness that could be death
  27. Chapter 27
  28. Chapter 28
    Quick recovery much?
  29. Chapter 29
  30. Chapter 30
  31. Chapter 31
    Ahhh! I can barely contain Myself!
  32. Chapter 32
    Wow, 32 Chapters is alot..
  33. Chapter 33
  34. Chapter 34
  35. Chapter 35
  36. Chapter 36
    THe Wedding (THE CHAPTER!!!)
  37. Chapter 37
  38. Chapter 38
  39. Chapter 39
  40. Chapter 40
  41. Chapter 41
  42. Chapter 42
  43. Chapter 43
  44. Chapter 44 THE END
    All good things come to an end...except when they can live for eternity...
  45. 45 Author's Notes
    Please Read This