I decided it was dumb to have all my peoms just randomly sopratic on my peoms page.. I decided I want to TRY to put them all on here so that if people decide they like them they can subscribe! I hope you think this is a good idea I hope you enjoy... Oh.. I'm rating it PG because I think some may have cussing and also because some parents may not like the content.. but that's that.. so yeah.
  1. Long Distance
    I'm trying to put these in some semblance of order.. but... we'll see.
  2. I try.
    The theme at the moment.. I hope is Greg, my ex.
  3. Tears
    Also Greg I belive.
  4. Didn't Listen To Your Heart
    from a song.. I rewrote it a bit
  5. Didn't Listen To My Heart
    Same as last one with a few diffrences.
  6. Angel and Ducky
  7. His Blue Eyed Angel
    that's how I picked my user name.. He called me his Angel and he loved my blue eyes.. Yeah.. So I'm gna go try to stop crying now...
  8. Alone In The Bedroom
  9. I Wonder
  10. Is It Too Late?
  11. Would you come?
  12. Searching
  13. I Need You
  14. How We Used To Be
  15. The Breakup
  16. Waiting On Love
  17. Nobody Else Will Do
  18. I Want
    Not about him finally.
  19. Thank you friend. I'm working on it.
    This one is about my friend.. so is the next one.
  20. Broken and seeping
  21. Don't Leave Me
    I've become obsessed with P!nk's song Please Don't Leave Me I guess it's really close to what I want to say to alot of people right now.. So.. I'm rewriting the lyrics to say exactly what I want them to. Okay so it kinda sucks..Okay it REALLY sucks..
  22. Can't I Be Both?
  23. Would You Still Say I'm Strong?
  24. Can't I be strong?
  25. Who is it I can't find?
  26. Eggs
  27. I'm annoying, mean, and a total jerk... But they s
  28. Stop Pushing
  29. Dreamed about you before I met you
  30. Why Can't I Just Be Happy?
  31. What Have I Done?!
  32. Mixed Emotions
  33. Fifteen
  34. It's Raining In Berryville
  35. A Love Like That
  36. If I had Know the Last Time
  37. Where Are You?
  38. Drifting Away
  39. Can I Have My Heart Back?
  40. Love and Hate
  42. ALONE
  43. Lost
  44. Someone You Can't Have
  45. Missing You
  46. Something I Need From You
  47. Am I Crazy?
  48. Oh, Sadness! Oh, Sadness!
  49. Lets Face It.. This was a mistake
  50. Behind Which Face Do The Lies Hide?
  51. I'm Not Gonna Do It!
  52. He Doesn't Know.
    Ugh... I'm falling for my best guy friend... AGAIN and he's already made it blatently obvious he doesn't feel the same and he tends to hurt me emotionally and (accidently) physically. And he may flunk out of our college and then I'll never see him ag
  53. I Need You
    I just need a friend. it's as simple as that.
  54. I'm In Love With My Best Friend
  55. What Do You Do?
    When your friend/ the love of your life, tries to take his own life? Or tries to make you think he's going to...
  56. So She Made A Mistake!?
    About my pastor and some of the members at my church who decided it was right for them to judge me for my mistakes.