I'm Melting In Your Eyes

Nat and Frank develop a fast friendship And Relationship. Things happen and things go wrong. This starts off as a Frank and Mikey story but changes to a Frank story.
  1. The Meeting.
  2. Joking Around
  3. Kinky Thoughts
  4. Mom's Think The Worst Of Guys
  5. Meeting Franks Friends
  6. After School
  7. The Joke
  8. Sleep Over
  9. Ditching School
  10. Could It Be
  11. Dad's Approval
  12. Mixed Feelings
  13. Dad's Gone.
  14. Dads Gone??? He Can't Be!
  15. The Dream
  16. How Long Was I Asleep For?
  17. I love you in the way that I would die for you
    There is Sex In this Chapter you can scroll through it if you dont want to read it. Its in Red
  18. Finding Out About My Mom
  19. Why Wont They Just Leave Me Alone
  20. What Are They Thinking
  21. Am I Really Going To Do This?
  22. Mikey You Make Me Laugh
  23. Doing The Drugs
  24. Franks Sweet
  25. Interruptions
  26. Just Like My Mom
  27. Kidnapping
  28. Frank Found Out
  29. London Here I Come
  30. We Shall Find Her
  31. Franks Here!
  32. Together Again
  33. Franks "Cousin"
  34. Jennies Here
  35. Whoa wait Starr wants me
  36. Mikeys Revenge???
  37. We Wanted To See You
  38. I Understood The First Time Now I Don't
  39. Acceptance
  40. He's Gone
  41. Are We Okay
  42. My thoughts
  43. The New Band
  44. Were going to chicago
    All of this is on the phone...so its phone conversations
  45. I guess where showing and telling then
  46. There engaged
  47. A New Girl Added to The Equation
  48. Nat Explodes
  49. I want to "kill" you
  50. Were Going "BOWLIN"
    the bowlin is like in the song ballin lol its a joke between me and my friends
  51. Ah Gettin Attacked by Franks Lips..wait Y is it Ah
  52. An Added Member and Relationship
  53. Your Gonna Be Late For The Concert!
  54. Were In Love
    Hayleys POV
  55. Moving on up!
  56. I'm Going To School In New York
  57. Chrissy Wants An Abortion
  58. Chrissy's Descision
  59. Frankie's Secret
  60. Not Getting Excepted
  61. There and Back Again
  62. Get My Mind Off Of Things
    Part one of chapter 62
  63. Wow! She Wants To Hang Out
    part two of chapter 62
  64. What's The Surprise?
  65. The Surprise
    I wrote the song so yea i know it sucks
  66. True Feelngs Coming Out In The Ladies Bathroom
  67. Yes! The Break Ups!
  68. Trying To Find Out Whats Wrong
  69. Leaving Town
  70. Feeling A Bit Better
  71. Camping In A Camper
  72. Surprise Visit
  73. A Wedding And A Suprise
  74. Sing A Song To Help A Friend
  75. Chrissy Wakes Up
  76. The Meanest Yet Funest Joke
  77. Not Believing Makes The Joke Go Farther
  78. Anger Serging Out
  79. The Funeral
  80. The Beat Down
  81. His Sweat Drives Me Nuts!
    Sex Scene up ahead
  82. Yet Another Engagement
  83. Yet Another Engagement
  84. Yet Another Engagement
  85. A Wedding and Another Engagement(Yikes lots of eng
  86. Double Wedding Idea
  87. Leaving Him
  88. The Awaiting Dogs
  89. Getting More News
  90. The Good And Bamd Events
  91. At The Funeral
  92. Seeing Is Believing
  93. The Scaring Surprise
  94. The Black Figure
  95. Dealing With The Pain
  96. Another Ending To A Happiness
  97. We Were All Gonna Live To Be In Our 90’s Not Our 2
  98. Suicidal Ray
  99. Almost Another Death
  100. A Bomb Threat
    More deaths to the group that keeps getting smaller and smaller
  101. The Only Good Thing In My Life Leaves Me
  102. Final Day
    Nat the last one alive shortly joins her friend. But Before she does she starts doing things she stopped doing just for Frank.
  103. Party When The Funeral Ends
    They are all reunited up in the clouds(corny I know)