The Origin of the Blue Princess

About the story:
Alsia shook with fear that voice was the voice that had haunted her dreams even before her parent’s death. It was the image that taunted her with the very face of evil. To her all he meant was fear and anger and so many other things Alsia couldn’t even recognize, but she could recognize love and hate and she hated him; with such a deep hate like the likes she had never felt before. He had no right to take them from her; he had no right to leave her all alone. Alsia cried harder. She could never imagine this; not even in a million years, she could never imagine this and what was he to do with her? It didn’t make sense why had he killed her mother and father right before her and then not kill her also; it was unfair.

Okay, I have something to say... Yes, at frist thisstory may seem un-orignal, but the 1st chapter is only the set-up for the rest of the story without it there would be no story. This story has many un-forseen twist and if you really want to know where this story is turely going ask for chapter two if there is enough demand I'll post it. Also, please subscribe the 1st part of this book is being proof-read and I have no idea when I'll recvive it back, but it will be soon.

About the me, the author.
My Name is Jessie,
This story is my book that I'm working on. I need feedback badly and would love it if you leave it. I'm planning on getting this story published soon hopefully finshed by the end of this year. I have bad delxia which, means I swtich the letters of words around and do so quite often, so if you happened to see one word, but spelt differently it's because of that sorry, but if you let me know the word and how to spell it than I will gadly fix it. Please don't be afarid to be harsh, I need it so I can make my story stronger. Also please also keep you're comments with porfound language to a mainum there is no reason to cuss me out or put your opion in a fowel manner. One or two cuss words are fine. Also please tell me what you liked about my story and what points you think I can make it stronger. Thank-you, in advance, so very very much! XD ^_^
  1. The Short War
    This chapter is the start of a very long jonery.
  2. The Short War 2
    Same chapter broken up into two parts people were having a hard time reading it all at once.
  3. In the Enemie's Camp
    Alsia is captured and lives a life under Chinc while conflicting thoughts pass through her mind.