Love Is for Anyone

This is a story about two guys named Sid and Christian, and they both meet on the first day of school. Later on they find out they both start to have feelings for each other, feeling complete confused at the same time. People at school find out little by little and start to hate their guts. Both of their parents despise the fact that they're gay and they hide away in their own little world.
  1. Hey I'm sid
    in here sid meets christian for the first time and they start to get along just fine.
  2. Like it here so far?
    in here Sid takes chris around the school, small tour you may say, and the just talk the ususal, but they start find out things about eachother more n more.
  3. I didn't know this about you
    in here chris n sid reveal the truth about each other cuz sid had to owe n explanation n so did chris, also side tells chris he liked him ever since he met him.
  4. Anything couldn't get any better than this
    in here chris and sid start a new relationship, both of them being as happy as ever, but would the students and parents agree?
  5. Phone call
    in here sid gets a phone call from chris and as they talk his mom evesdrops.
  6. Sid we need to talk
    in here side comes back to the house safe and sound but the next morning his mom talks to him about the phone call
  7. Can I stay with you
    in here sid walks to chris's house asking him if he could stay. chris says yes of course abd they ddo things they never did before.
  8. Let's go someplace
    in here chris takes sid out for the day, going to different places that came to mind, their thoughts of last night are still locked in sid's mind, which makes him love chris even more.
  9. It's time to call it a day
  10. Mom I'm sorry you had to see that
    in here chris apologizes to his mom about wat she saw and she surprisingly forgave him...she's not a homophobe and everything seems cool for the better.
  11. Our night would last forever
    in here sid n chris are held into eachother's arms, spending the entire night together, just until it was morning and ended up in trouble again...
  12. Chris can i talk to you?
    here chis' mom has a word with him telling him sid can't stay any longer.
  13. chris I heard
    in here sid tells chris that he heard while they take a walk, chris tries his best to keep him in the house
  14. Home
    in here chris and sid go back to chris' house and his mom gives him one more chance.
  15. College buds
    in here sid and chris are in college and share and appartment together...they have awsome friends....