When Two Worlds Are Crossed

This story starts in Santiago, Chile. Jazmin Barraza is a Acting student, great fan of the Finnish rock band HIM, and when she begins University -also when she meet certain friends- initiates a particular life as a groupie.

Until this moment, she is conform with her lifestyle, but, What will happen, when she meets to her favorite singer and when she discovers that he's an attractive and unique vampire, heritor to the Inmortality Throne?
  1. Prologue
    Two years ago. Jazmin has a dream that impact her at all. She decides write it in her diary.
  2. An Irresistible Surprise
    Jazmin receives a grateful surprise, after winning a radio contest that exchange her of the rest of her life.
  3. Prejudiced Interviews
    Jazmin has to interview Ville Valo, but her passion for her ideals and her impulsive character makes that it doesn't happen like as such.
  4. From Villain to Hero
    Jazmin run away and she doesn't know about HIM and Valo, but the previous fight makes that her life and Ville's life turn completely in 180 degrees.
  5. The Throne of Inmortality
    Erebo Vampires, that they don't want that Ville is the heir to the Throne of Inmortality
  6. The Concert
    The first HIM concert in Chile, an unusual gig for this distant country
  7. Twin Souls
    Party after concert. Ville and Jazmin see that their link is more strong that they think. All this with the full moon light