Unrequited: A Series of Heartbreaks

This is a collection of Trillie oneshots, written by me. Each one has a different setting, different pairings, and a different situation. However, all of them are told from Tre's point of view. Each one is a different instance of his unrequited love for Billie Joe.

In some, it may be a Billie-Mike pairing with Tre jealously watching from the side. In others, it may be Billie-Adie, with Tre wounded inside because he knows that only death will do them part.

But in all of them, our favorite drummer lives through sorrowful moments and spends his feelings continue to be unrequited.
  1. On Stage For Ages
    Tre's thoughts about his life and Billie Joe while onstage before a show. Billie-Mike pairing.
  2. Rainy Nights And Regrets
    The entire gang is at the Armstrong residence and Tre reminsices about a certain rainy night long ago.
  3. All By Myself
    it's in the title. Again, Billie/Tre, Tre gets his heartbroken. Yes, I got the inspiration from the song.
  4. Magic
    Sometimes, certain things disappear in a poof!
  5. Heartbreaker
    There's nothing left to say.