The Essence of Sin

Kara has always been called "Princess" by her gang—a group of eight orphans that took the child runaway under their wing. The gang has access to the riches of the word, and their Princess indeed reaps the benefits of their lucrative operation. But there is one thing that sets these guys apart from a petty street gang: They are thieves.

Robbing high-security banks is a breeze for them, and as their lives progress, banks are becoming too easy. They find themselves looking for more enthralling ways to steal loot. But with their heists looking more and more like suicide missions, thwarting the angry police is becoming harder to do. When a genius cop starts trailing the gang, Kara must choose between true love and true family.

In this epic thriller, feel your veins saturate with adrenaline, your heart pound with each heist, and your eyes bulge an inch from the screen as you learn what the essence of sin really is.

And then ask yourself, do all criminals belong behind bars?