Green Days: American Idiot, the Full Story

This story has taken me a LONG time to write. This is my own interpretation of Green Day's masterpiece, American Idiot. A combination of insight, reading the album's underlying message, watching countless interviews, hearing others. What do you think the album really means?

2006 (c) Ashlynn E and Green Day
  1. American Idiot
    Jimmy, well that was the name he was born with. Jesus Of Suburbia has had a ***ed up life. His mom is with this prick named Brad, He likes this girl but he can't really tell her. He sees how ***ed up the world is. Will he straighten out his life?
  2. Jesus Of Suburbia
    What does Jesus really have on his mind? He loves Maria, doesn't he? Why is the world so ***ed up? Why is he still in this town?
  3. Holiday.
    Jesus makes it to Oakland and meets a man named Tunny at a bar.
  4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    Jesus is lost. He wakes up from his wild night of debauchery but where's Tunny?
  5. Are We The Waiting?
    Jesus walks for a few hours until it appears the whole city's asleep. He sees a man taking out the trash, maybe he can help?
  6. St. Jimmy
    Jesus has been getting adjusted to his new life at the shelter surprisingly well. But his new friend, Vinny keeps dissappearing at strange hours. What's going on? Will Jesus ever find out what's in that office?
  7. Give Me Novacaine
    Jesus has been in the hospital for a little over a month and still recovering. The only thing worst then months of throbbing pain is fighting with the voices in your head while you sleep. Now we see the real St. Jimmy.
  8. She's A Rebel
    Jesus has been out of the hospital for a few weeks. He's been eyeing this gorgeous girl from afar. Will he ever have the guts to talk to this Whatsername?