‹ Prequel: You Can't Fight Fate
Sequel: Creating Fate

Chasing our Fate


Main Entry-/Fate, Pronunciation: \ˈfāt\, Function: noun.
1.that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny.
2.something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune.

“Fate only takes you so far, then it's up to you to make it happen.”

Nick Jonas believed that fate would bring him and Stevvie Jameson together, but staying together was going to take a lot more than just that. Being in a relationship took work, being in a long distance relationship was only more work. With the laid back atmosphere of their freshmen college life behind them, this young couple face even tougher challenges that will put their relationship to the test. Along with that, instead of the gang spending the summer relaxing, for the first time they'll be separated and pursuing their own dreams.

They all promised they would be lifelong friends, but did they really mean it? Nick promised he wouldn't forget Stevvie while he's off on tour with his brothers, but did he mean it? What about Stevvie? She promised she would be able to handle the pressure that came with dating such a high profile person, but could she really handle it? Only fate can tell...

"People change and promises are broken.
Clouds can move and skies will be wide open.
Don't forget to take a breath."
  1. The Wedding
    “We will….chase it,” he decided.
  2. Long distance relationships
    “This is getting crazier every time,” I muttered.
  3. Video Chat
    “Again? You need to work on that.”
  4. Everybody's a Critic
    “Please, just tell me before I get upset,” I groaned.
  5. And the winner is...
    “Should we tell her yet?” Todd asked Jennifer.
  6. Home sweet Jersey
    “Ha! Now you’re paying attention to me!”
  7. 1 Corinthians 10:13
    “What’s the verse again?” I asked.
  8. Oh my God
    “No, no…we might as well since we’re on the subject,” she interjected.
  9. The Hamptons
    She hesitated before replying. “Okay…yeah, I’d like that.”
  10. L.A. L.A. Baby
    “Answer me Nicholas.” I demanded.
  11. The country club
    “Hello Grandmother, I’m glad to say I’m finally here.”
  12. Adults
    “Really?” she asked, “That’s amazing…”
  13. We gotta work this out
    “Just…go. Please. Before I do something I am sure I will regret tomorrow.”
  14. Please
    “So, you’re saying you’re single?”
  15. The ex
    “Yes I am…” I slowly replied, “and you are?”
  16. Distance and Time
    “Okay…wait, that means you were around when I was...”
  17. I promise you
    “I promise,” I whispered.
  18. Come fly with me
    “Just press play…” he instructed us.
  19. The Photographer
    “So, how long have you known each other?” I asked Stevvie, “Does that mean the gang knows him too?”
  20. Seriously?
    “I love you too…goodnight Blake.”
  21. Only by night
    “Deal,” he replied, “Oh yeah…I love you too.”
  22. Never a Goodbye
    “Okay…” I replied, gaining suspicion, “What’s up?”
  23. Magic
    “Like…they’re missing something?” Kevin suggested.
  24. Mental Notes
    “Todd will come through guys, don’t worry,” Julian decided.
  25. Mortal perfection is only a theory
    “You don’t get to decide my life-“ she began before Nick intruded. (WARNING: strong language involved.)
  26. Defending you
    “I’m not some damsel in distress and you know that,” Stevvie quickly replied
  27. Live Love Laugh
    “And why is that son?” my dad asked.
  28. A funny little thing called Fate
    I simply smirked and sipped my coffee. “…and it hasn’t stopped yet…”