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Gorgeous Nightmare

A mudblood and a pureblood.
A mudblood without a family and a pureblood with a loving family.
The purebloods invite the mudblood in to stay.
The mudblood and the pureblood fall in love.
What happens when the battle against the Dark Lord breaks out and George must protect the love of his life and his unborn child.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything created or written by J.K Rowling. I do however own Penelope and any other character I create. If you steal my shit, I will kill you.
  1. Chapter One
    The beginning.
  2. Chapter Two
    This is where it begins.
  3. Chapter Three
    An etch upon the skin.
  4. Chapter Four
    Something intimate.
  5. Chapter Five
    Pigmy Puffs and Hubert.
  6. Chapter Six
    He lost a ear, they gained a life.
  7. Chapter Seven
    The secret is out.
  8. Chapter Eight
    A confession.
  9. Chapter Nine
    Zippers and toothbrushes.
  10. Chapter Ten
    A deatheaters disruption.
  11. Chapter Eleven
    A life lost.
  12. Chapter Twelve
    In the middle of the night.
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    Finding the perfect dress.
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    Almost there.
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    I now pronounce you man and wife.