Baby, Just Breathe.

Lauren gets a summer job thanks to her mom, but she is not that happy about it. She has to babysit Sophia, a 8 years old girl, for three months, before going to college. Against her will, she goes for it and realizes that the young kid is nice and being her baby sitter is not that bad as she thought in the first place, especially because of Sophia's older brother, John.

+ Lauren Amanda Sorenson
+ Sophia Alexandra O'Callaghan
+ John Cornelius O'Callaghan V

Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own John. I do own the idea of the story, though, and the characters of Lauren and Sophia. I'm totally aware of the fact that John hasn't got a sister, but I wanted to change his life a bit, just to have something to work on.

Title Credit: The Cab - Take My Hand