Memories Never Seem To Fade

Keely | Ashleigh

Inseperable. That was the word to describe Jack and Keely since the age of ten. She had pushed him off a swing, and he pushed her off right back.
Years went by and eventually Jack started developing a crush for his best friend, he told her. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, Keely accepted. They dated, it didn't last long. However they made a promise. If, by the age of twenty-four, they hadn't found anyone to marry: they would marry each other.


This story is loosely based off of the movie My Best Friend's Wedding. If you've seen the movie, it won't be the same.

Title Credit: Memories That Fade Like Photographs - All Time Low
Disclaimer: I, unfortunetly, do not own the wonderful Jack Bassam Barakat. Since I don't, I also do not own the band All Time Low. As much as I would like to, I must admit I don't. Besides if I did, wouldn't you think I'd be doing something besides write about them? I do however own all other characters not mentioned. Meaning Keely and Ashleigh.