Point Me Towards Tomorrow

Estelle Pritchard had a perfect life. She had friends, looks, and just about anything a teenager could dream of having. Until he came into her life. She soon struggles with a battle over everything from cocaine addiction to her friends' trust.
  1. I Tried So Hard, And Got So Far...
    And intro to most of the characters. Estelle's starting personality is described.
  2. Say the word and I will follow you...
    Estelle and crew go to a show and meet a new admirer of Estelle who will change her life forever.
  3. All the good girls go to heaven?
    At Teddy's party, Estelle makes a decision that will lead her down the worst path imaginable.
  4. Like God In Heaven Gave Me A Turn
    The day after the party, Stella goes to her father's for the weekend.
  5. Sweet Darling, You Worry Too Much
    Queenie knows something's up, but Estelle won't let anyone see through.