Full Lips Such as Mine

This is simply a fanfiction between a character of mine and Jack Sparrow. I personally don't care about what you think of the pairing, rather what you think about the story.

And no 'Jack is mine!!' comments or anything like that, please.

All PotC characters belong to their respectful owners.
Ophelia belongs to me.

© Inksie 2007-09
  1. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow,mate.
    CAPTAIN Jack's encounter in Port Royal.
  2. Bounded by Duty
    Jack and Ophelia go back to the cabin and such.:B [Ew,I change so much.D:]
  3. Peachy.
    Ophelia's sick,damn you!D:<
  4. Rum Flavoured Kisses
    The Black Pearl docks; Ophelia falls ill.
  5. A Right Good Time
    Jack spends the day with Ophelia.
  6. Seeing you Cry
    Jack learns some disturbing secrets about Ophelia.Of course,you don't until the next chapter.
  7. With the Sun in Her Eyes.
    Just a short little addition to make me feel better about neglecting it.
  8. Fragrance.
    I haven't updated this in too long. ; w ; This is a short update though.
  9. Sick of You.
    :] Another update.The crew docks in Port Royal and Ophelia and Jack finally get to spend time together.
  10. Anything You Can Do.
    :] Life in Port Royal. Ophelia gets a new dress.
  11. Haven.
    Hmhm.More life in Port Royal.
  12. Colors.
    :D The ship comes back.Really short.
  13. Tumbling Down.
    Very short update.
  14. Jewels.
    Super short chapter. I mean like. .REALLY short.
  15. Garden Oasis.
    Finally, I update.D: Tia Dalma helps Ophelia.
  16. One Thousand Ghosts.
    Ophelia's shot.c: In the tummy. I lost this last night so I'm re-typing it.
  17. Wings of an Angel.
    Short chapter.