It's Easier Than It Seems

Green Day fan-fiction!

A sequel to It's Not As Easy As It Looks picks up a month after the last chapter.

Jennifer has a new home, a new job, and new friends in New York, but something isn't quite right—something is missing, and with Billie Joe falling apart in California, can they find each other in time?

(Recommended to read the first story, but should be relativity easy to start reading from here).
  1. City on Fire
    Jennifer finds herself in the middle of the NYC steam explosion. Meanwhile, Billie is unable to focus in the studio.
  2. Expectation vs. Reality
    Mike and Tré sign Billie up to an internet dating site.
  3. Into the Wishing Well
    Jennifer receives some unexpected news.
  4. The Elaborate Rouse
    Jennifer can't seem come to terms with her news, whilst Mike confronts Billie over something he found.
  5. The Emptiness Will Fill Your Soul With Sorrow
    Billie's regrets cause him to hit a new low.
  6. Self Inflicted Wounds
    Green Day suffer with Billie's sour attitude.
  7. Familiar Taste of Poison
    With both Jenni and Billie's lives now in turmoil, they must pull themselves together to sort their lives out. Will this be the end of Green Day?
  8. The Kids Aren't Alright
    Jenni finally comes face to face with a broken Billie and realises what she has done.
  9. Echo
    As Billie meets with his therapist, Jenni finds out Tré has broke his promise.
  10. Anytime Will Do, My Love
    Whilst Billie is in therapy, Jenni gets a phone call from England; it's bad news.
  11. Karma is a Bitch
    Jenni, with a recovering Billie in tow, visits her dying father in England.
  12. This Problem is a Decade Old
    Jennifer's father takes a turn for the worst.
  13. To The Grave
    Jenni must work hard to keep her secret from Billie whilst at the funeral of her father.
  14. California Dreaming
    Whilst Jenni moves out from her New York apartment, Billie spends some quality time with his family.
  15. Loose Lips Sink Ships
    Back on Californian turf, Jenni reunites with some old faces.
  16. Famous Last Words
    The cat is finally out the bag, but how will Billie react?
  17. Salvage
    Billie’s choice of words causes a ripple effect around him.
  18. Mediocre at Best
    Jenni feels conflicted with her future, whilst Billie's past comes back to haunt him.
  19. When I Come Around
    Jenni’s mom comes to stay, but Billie is too preoccupied by the latest news.
  20. My Love Is Vengeance, That's Never Free
    Jenni puts on a brave face to entertain her mother for her 50th birthday.
  21. 21st Century Breakdown
    After a health scare, Billie and Jenni discuss their future.