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The Dead Are Living

Jade and Luke

Jade and Luke had a trust. They met two days after Jade planned to take the world alone after the infection hit. She shot an infected right before it killed him. They have been partners ever since. Luke was the quiet person in this situation but he has his hidden talents that only she knows about. Jade graduated high school early when she was sixteen due to superior grades. She has great aim due to being on the archery team. Together, they are a deadly duo that have their eyes set on making it to the southern states where they hope to get away from the infection.

Kenadee and Vector

Kenadee and Vector were friends in high school, they met in their seventh grade year and have been friends ever since. Vector is your typical badass and has always been the one to get in trouble at school. Kenadee used to be more of a quiet girl, then she met him and everyone began to know her name. They knew eachother since they were young so their teamwork is flawless. Yet, they have no destination.

The Infection

The first infected was seen in North Dakota five months ago. A high school student passed out in class and later was discovered to have an unknown disease that made him attack the school nurse. She was found dead with her chest eaten out. The disease soon spread across America until hardly anyone was left except an estimate of 300 people to 250. The United States became a wasteland with the living dead wandering. The people lucky enough to not be infected must shoot and kill to survive.
  1. Things Change
    Jade/Luke - Jade's POV
  2. Reminiscing Through The Good Days
    *Kenadee's POV*
  3. Getting By
    Jade/Luke - Jade's POV
  4. Unanswered
    *Kenadee's POV*
  5. Failed Attempts
    Jade/Luke - Jade's POV