On the Other Side

Every eight years on the eighth day of the eighth month at eight o’clock when the sun starts to set in the Americas comes a night of magic and terror. For it is this night that the world watches as the wall between reality and fiction is nonexistent until seven o’clock the next morning. Normally this would be a welcome event that scholars have only dreamed about, but with good characters comes evil characters as they come hurdling into a new world, that has never fought them in person, with a plan to keep the rip in reality open.

The event having started in the 1940’s called forth a wave of heroes from the fictional realm to band together and help defend the Americas from the invasion of villains and monsters. Seventy years later the remaining heroes now are old and cannot defend against the hordes that will bleed through the hole in reality. They must call upon a new band of heroes that have never worked together and will be forever trapped in our reality. Can they save the day or will the world burn underneath these criminals’ footsteps as they conquer the world?

All characters of public domain so they essentially belong to us all. But don't steal my idea, I don't steal your's so don't steal mine. Remember the golden rule.