Status: Ongoing

Boston Garden High School

AU. The Boston Bruins players are all high school teachers at Boston Garden High School. Follows the 2014-2015 season and maybe beyond.
My first Bruins fic, so I hope you like it.
  1. Introductions
    In which we meet our heroes, the Boston Bruins, but not as we know them...
  2. Recess
    In which our new heroes adjust to a life back in work
  3. Lunch Period
    In which six of our Bruins get themselves into some embarrassing situations...
  4. Pub Crawl
    In which four of our Bruins go for a night out after a Red Sox win and paint the town-well, Boylston Street-red. Kind of,
  5. Drunk Pranks
    A light hearted chapter in which the Bruins take pleasure in pranking another Bruin who is passed out drunk
  6. Flashbacks
    A dark chapter in which one of our most beloved Bruins appears to suffer symptoms of PTSD
  7. Angering the Bear
    Some of the Bruins do something to anger another Bruin. One you REALLY wouldn't want to anger.
  8. Internet Dating
    Two of our Bruins sign another up on a dating website while four more make a fake Facebook profile to prank him
  9. Brad and Zdeno
    One of our Bruins takes another to the hospital after he suffers an accident and another four Bruins discuss Disney movies and children's toys
  10. Love and Family
    Five of our Bruins visit each other and another realizes just how much his family means to him
  11. Harassment
    One of our beloved Bruins gets harassed by one of his students and another four discuss players from other NHL teams
  12. The Next Day
    The next day in school and four Bruins plot against one, who won't know what's coming to him
  13. Surprise
    In which one of our Bruins heroes gets a surprise, but is it good or bad?