Can't Fight This Feeling

Motionless In White had just got into stage to play another sold out show.
As they started to play "Abigail" the crowd screamed loudly and excitedly.

While Ricky was still washing his tired and sweaty body, Chris made his way into the little backstage room and started drying his wet hair.
Chris' heart almost stopped once he saw Ricky. His hair was wet and dripping water to his pale chest. Seeing such a sight Chris started to get nervous[...].


Five minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was a member of the staff to inform them that the interviewer had arrived.


It had been about a hour since the interview had begun and Chris was losing his brains because of Ricky.
Although Chris tired to avoid it, he couldn't help but to have fallen in love with the beautiful boy that was now talking and smiling to the camera. The boy would occasionally bite his pierced lip and that made Chris' head spin around as he was starting to get hot.


'Well, it looks like we're alone' Ricky said biting his lip.
'Yeaah, I guess we are' Chris replied running his eyes through the smaller boy's body.

Ricky bit his lip once again, something he did when he was nervous, and that's when Chris lost control.

A request from @Ghost In The Mirror
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